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for Overlord: The Demon Empress in Westeros

5/21 c30 2Darknaru3
Yeah I'm sticking with E just so I can enjoy the funny moments with the Starks and Nazarick thinking things about her while she just tries her best also L seems funny as well. Idk I want funny and good stories about overlord which you are very good at.
5/21 c30 1Vandun
1. E , 2. F
5/21 c30 4Black Magic99

in that order
5/21 c30 HealSlut
Have you ever thought about writing a jujutsu kaisen x Overlord fanfic?
5/21 c30 Spacemonkey777
Imagine Nazarick trampling armies of mortal humans with powers so beyond Old Gods it causes Melisandra existential crisis. She sees a fiery manifestation of carnage in a 30-foot tall fire demon (General Wrath) whose mere presence melts enemy forces and then once he is done and everyone is kowtowing he himself kneels and Demiurge enters through a portal to give a short but sinister speech about Supreme Being being back to take this mortal realm of a world. Hahaha! Imagine Melisandra worshiping and praying for salvation and Old Gods/New Gods/Essos Gods etc. who pull ALL of their united might together to send a manifestation of themselves in the likes of actual Azor Ahai in the real world. And Demiurge, super-genius he is, was ten steps ahead and actually manipulated her to get access to all-elusive High-Tier Spirits of the world and one-shots them all using Billion Blades which shreds them on a Metaphysical level and for full disrespect adds her into exp pool in Avarice and Generosity and gives it to Galadriel who surprisingly actually levels up a few times from it! (And that's like Chapter 2 for epicness purpose!) Because come on, if we are pulling all stops off then why not let Galadriel as a Supreme Being level up as well. After which likes of Melisandra are practically forced to pray to Galadriel because every other god has been (consumed) by her. Hahahaha! And if we want Galadriel to truly become overpowered, maybe she can gain exp from killing her own mid-high level summons (for example [Summon Primal Fire Elemental] using Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown). I mean, killing level 80 creatures will give you some exp. I mean, she can summon like 4 of those per day. She can probably gain a level in a week...

Oh! Imagine Galadriel taking a few human allies she gathered in the first few chapters and kidnaps(invites) remaining leaders of the known world and Gates them all to the far North where her shadow demons reported Night King is with his undead army. They have cozy warm spots in literal ice tundra facing down the valley full of twenty thousand strong army of Zombies (lvl3-5) with White Walkers (lvl15-25) and Night King (lvl 30) being ALL ONE-SHOTTED using something like [Triple Maximize Boosted-Magic NUCLEAR BLAST] creating nuclear mushroom so big it's seen from Winterfell! Hell YEAH!

As to politics. Please make it believable, because Galadriel's mere presence would be an impenetrable backer in the case of ANY political official she assigns. Plus I can't see her or Demi NOT implanting a shadow demon into every MAJOR political figure they leave in charge. With Death Knights patrolling every city she conquers and literal armadas of undead workers creating so much food Nazarick just gives up on storing/exporting/selling/giving away so much they just dump countless wagons of wheat into the conversion box for the gold to begin circulating their economy. Also, with almost no farmers left and food being so cheap it will make drastically decrease the number of farmers who can turn into other venues like business, smiths, arts, guards etc. Remember that in Middle Age society 90% of the population lived outside of cities and on farms. Once Galadriel takes over she will provide people with so much cheap, diverse, and high-quality food that peasants will beg to join her empire! All those unemployed will rush the cities. And remember how large Capital was. Well, expect the population to explode at least ten-fold. And since Galadriel is somewhat merciful she'll want her subjects to have better-living conditions so the city will be instantly expanded at least 10 fold. All slums destroyed and replaced by decent middle class housing. The entire city being flooded by millions of undead workers who destroy and rebuild at in-human speed. Creating plumbing and making polished roads in literal weeks instead of years. Mare using Earth magic to create city walls so large and powerful they will rival The Wall except those walls will all be nicely decorated and manned through the roof by countless thousands of undead and human who coordinate them. While inner most part of the city is literally inaccessible by carriage. As in, no gates. You would need a Gate to enter the palace of Empress. Which I can see Nazarick servants going overboard and demolishing Red Keep and within a few months building something ten times bigger and grander which 'fits the status of a Supreme Being'. floor, pillars, walls made of gold and and marble while ceiling is made of magically illuminated crystals. With a throne room so big it will rival (The Biggest Minecraft Throne Room EVER! by Jeracraft on YouTube. p.s. I recommend you watch). Etc!

Nazarick establishing a central hospital where EVERYONE is cured for free of ANYTHING using mere Tier 3 healing scrolls (which are secretly harvested from all the prisoners of war) further boosting Galadriel's reputation! Galadriel ordering Pestonya to revive people who try to pledge allegiance to her but got killed before they had the chance. Or simply reviving/curing all the stone-people and revitalizing the entire cursed city after liberal use of Hell Flame! Hahaha!

Oh! Since literally, nothing is even a threat to even a single Death Knight, she can literally use herself and Pandora, to spam daily limit of 72 Death Knights and use them as arbitrary boarder of her kingdom. Say one Death Knight per kilometer with thousands of Zombies in between (Since single Tier 9 [Undead Army] can summon thousands). And it not like Westeros lacks corpses laying in the ground! ahhaha!

People just came from the Winter, they are starving and tired. Galadriel is an entity whose mere Demonic Presence I will send Targaryan Dragons whimpering while Aura tames them with a single glance overwriting whatever allegiance they had to Targaryen. Etc. She can use flying undead to create a form of mailing-delivery service right off the bat between all of her territories and implement city planning and addressing (which with super-genius subordinates like Albedo and Demi isn't that hard). Within 2-3 months with liberal use of millions of undead, she can turn the starving town into a mega-city which EASILY surpasses capital with renaissance level of architecture, plumbing, culture, and law-abiding people who are all loyal to the T since she provides food almost for free along with most housing!

Although if Option G won't win I will be sad, but my second option will be Option A. I simply love Arya and Ned and the Stark family in general!

Sorry, I got carried away. But I have never read a proper Overlord takes over Westeros story EVER! Because the true essence of Overlord is that it doesn't matter what politics you weave, what resources of manpower you possess. It all shatters in front of absolute might!
5/21 c30 1The-Grave-Walker
Also I really love option L.
5/21 c30 The-Grave-Walker
I'd read and really love the ideas of A, D1, G. All are good story options, so go with your heart first. if you pick one I like I will like it, if not then all still enjoy your work.

Good day great Author.
5/21 c30 ashenlily
1) E This option is my favorite because I feel like it has a lot of potential. Most authors do mc reincarnated into Ned's heir, and I think that it will be interesting to see the story happen before Robert's Rebellion. In regards to family dynamics, I would love to see Galadriel take Lyanna under her wing and for Lyanna to become a knight or like maybe a general for a standing army that Galadriel creates? (idk but a badass Lyanna that's not forced to marry Robert would be interesting) I also hope that Galadriel uses some magic or some kind of manipulation so that Rickard doesn't stand in the way of the changes that she wants to create or tries to betroth her without her consent. Also if Galadriel uses her magic in public it would be interesting to see how people would react, and the northerners might think that she was blessed by the old gods or something which might make it easier for Galadriel to improve/maybe rule the North. Lol it would be funny if Tywin wants to ally with the North through Cersei (bc Rhaegar rejected her? idk) and then Cersei visits Winterfell and is all tsundere around Galadriel (although ngl it might make more sense for her just to be a straight up bitch). Or what if Albedo/Shaltear see Cersei being bitchy towards Galadriel and do "something" to her. It would also be cool if you included how the different religions react towards her. Maybe the old gods would actually bless her or Melisandre/follower of R'hllor would come and help Galadriel because she can like swat the night king off the face of the planet. The reaction of the House of Black and White would also be interesting because she's a reincarnator (lol what if they thought that Galadriel actually was the many faced god).
. . . haha whoops I just realized how long this was
2) C or H would be my next favorites because they follow the whole strong, independent North trope that also could work in E?
3) J I think that this could also be a really interesting concept. Like what if Cersei's prophecy mentions Galadriel and for that she doesn't spoil Joffrey as much and focuses most of her attention on doting on Galadriel. Or like what if Galadriel kinda hates Robert bc of how he treats Cersei and decides to usurp him and rule Westeros? It'd also be interesting if Tywin sees how smart she is and fully supports her bc he's like finally I have a worthy family member. Idk, the whole Lannister dynamic could be interesting with Jaime and Cersei maybe being together and Galadriel's relationship with Tyrion and Tywin. Also maybe Galadriel wants to reform Westeros or maybe she goes exploring outside of Westeros and we see her adventures there? (haha prob not the latter one cuz that would be a diff prompt)
anyway sry I think I went a bit overboard w this review xD
5/21 c30 sinteki
Option L in probably my fav
5/21 c30 1hiyukihime2
option E or F.
5/21 c30 Nyah123
My vote's on B,G, and H
5/21 c30 Ryuu07
5/21 c30 iyfan635
You said leave a suggestion if i could. How about instead of her or nazarick how about one of her children who are by themselves after being raised as a surpreme being thinking it's a gift from her mother a world to take over for themself.

Also i know you cross post on ao3, but you might want to try the same on questionablequesting or qq it has a decent community and it's easier to see what people think of your stories. You also don't have to worry about them taking it down because of "lewd".

Love your stories keep up the great work!
5/21 c30 3DarkFusion
Of the options I like A, C and H
5/21 c30 1thomassmith69
I’d vote for n j or c.
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