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for Blue Food and One Punch Man

3/17/2021 c2 Trsmuted
Wait...you dropping this?

Thank god for this wonderful information
6/24/2020 c2 4Monster King
6/16/2020 c2 Guest
What is the Deity (the one that gave Homeless-Emperor his powers) going to think about another Deity (Percy Jackson) being in his domain?
6/15/2020 c1 Randomcomment
... Mumen rider who breaks a brick wall in several punches? in which chapter of the manga exactly?
ha and I agree with the reviews just below, your 'Psycho side' is showing a little too much these days!
6/16/2020 c2 ganyu
i am so happy that someone made a pjo and opm crossover, right after i just got back into anime. great job i will be looking forward to updates, you got yourself a new follower too.
6/15/2020 c1 1DaBoot.123
Soda-fiedPsycho, I must say I agree with you on most parts, with OPM being far stronger then PJ and HoO, but maybe we should give the guy a break. This story is relatively well written, even with all of the plot holes, and there have been far worse fics dimming Saitamas power down, making it seem like other series are close, which is impossible, since Saitamas power is literally capital G god level. Now, from here is a major hole I noticed from the author. If Percy and Annabeth grew to that level within a week in Tartarus, what about Nico? Someone who was down there for longer, was already mentally unstable, and didn't get god level power from it? Thank you, no hate meant to Soda-fiedPsycho, just giving an opinion, or to the author.
6/15/2020 c2 5Soda-fiedPsycho
I should also mention

Even Mumen Rider can punch so hard that walls made of brick crack and crumble after a few punches.

Every hero in the Hero Association is stronger than the strongest people in our world.

And PJ disrespecting Zeus? Saying he could overthrow him?
Get real. Please just get real. That's a god damn joke. Percy will never have the capability to overthrow Zeus

He's weaker than Poseidon and Poseidon is weaker than Zeus who is the strongest of all of Olympus (he's called the Skyfather for a reason aside from having the concept of Sky.)

Also, suddenly Percy talks to Psykos?
Who is confirmed to NOT listen to anything someone says because her plan is basically Sisters of Fate level bullshit?

Why would SHE care a god dropped down?
She wouldn't.

This is fucking ridiculous.
6/15/2020 c1 Soda-fiedPsycho
You do realize Boros could casually shit on PJ Zeus, right?

Even the Sisters of Fate are nothing to Boros.

Also, you do realize Percy Jackson could NEVER actually even do SHIT to Boros, right?

Boros's character is to fight a challenge.
He'd see Gods as challenges.

And he'd beat the absolute shit out of ALL PJ Gods.

Then we have Tatsumaki being afraid of Percy?

Who could CRUSH all of Percy Jackson with fucking EASE?!

Because they CAN'T touch her?

You do realize how this very much SEEMS like a Percy Jackson WANK fic?
Because it is, right?

This is the OPM Verse.
It is MORE powerful than the PJ verse.

Not only that, but PJ power levels are pretty low compared to anime.
Same with their hax abilities.

Moving on, this story is poorly written.

Percy is given random powers he could never even hope to obtain (summon food whenever he wants? Bro, not even Zeus can do that. Who is Magnitudes stronger than Percy.)

It's simply trying to make Gods stronger than Saitama (get real. This is the OPM verse. No one is stronger than Saitama in his own verse.)

It directly goes against OPM logic and power scalings.
It gives PJ a massive buff for no reason.

Saitama is treating PJ like a god or something despite Saitama having shown he could care less about who you are and what you do.
I mean, he didn't care about Tatsumaki, who is vastly more popular than PJ ever was.
Same with King.
Both of which are cooler looking than PJ ever could be.

This just seems like a bad fic.
6/12/2020 c1 LuisAU
Love the first chapter, please continue the story!
6/9/2020 c1 Ttttt
This is a crack, right?
You are just making excuses to make Percy and his gf more powerful than Saitama, which doesn't make any sense 'cause Saitama has defeated many edgy cliche beings with more backgrounds than he is which makes this fic sounds dumb
Which makes me realize this is just some bored writing, right?

Correct me, if it's not
6/8/2020 c1 Guest
This is awesome! I hope to see more. One inconsistency that I noticed was that you gave Percy had partial immortality like a hunter, but later had him introduced as a God. Other than that, great job.
6/9/2020 c1 kerrowe
Ah this is a bit of a crack fic huh?

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