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6/22 c19 SweaterSloth369
Awww this was a sweet chapter at the beginning! I loved the ending, very intriguing you could say
5/5 c18 Angeley
Ah it was so nice to get the notification that this updated! I missed it. I seriously love Gea, very invested in her plotline. Her POV is just so interesting to read and I love to see all her opinions, since a lot of them I feel like are opposite to the other characters. Didn't expect her to not like earthens cause in a way they're both against Levana, but that somehow makes me like her more? This whole chapter it was just so cool to see how she viewed things and to see what's going on inside her head. In some way, I find myself kinda rooting for her? I liked seeing the friendship between her and Danya, hopefully it continues. Maybe Gea will become fond of the selected girls and they won't get hurt (we can only hope :(). Uh oh, the attacks are starting. There's probably more coming for sure. The line, "such a strange thing, for a rebel attack to sound like a song" made me gasp. It's probably my favourite line in this whole chapter (my other being the one was a lunar royal, one was a earthen royal line). I just thought it was a unique way to describe the gunshots but it also made perfect sense at the same time. I will always be here to read any update, no matter how sporadic and even up to chapter 70, but don't feel too pressured to write! Take however long u need. Excited to see what happens in the next chapter!
5/1 c18 2PrincessAdelle
Miri, Miri, Miri. Even when you're writing an AUTHOR'S NOTE you're poetic- "but like a wave returning to shore, AIT will always come back" I'm dying!

70 Chapters? Geez. I would read every single one of them though, but I think it'll be more of an inconvenience for you to write all of that, lol.

Anyway, amazing chapter (as always)! I have mixed feelings about Gea, she's so interesting! She gives me lemon vibes. I don't know. I like lemons. She is a lemon made human.

I loved reading the reactions of everyone to the gunshots! "One was a Lunar royal, and one was an Earthen royal. One was a Sector girl, and one was a small-town girl." WOW! That really stuck out to me because it just had so many cool parallels between these four drastically different people brought together by this moment. So poetic!

My totally accurate prediction-ator:

Fav: Ariella, Gea, Lyza, Danya
Like: Aaina, Adalyn, Lan, Alais, Zaire
Neutral: Zhana, Fia, Mel
Dislike: Asteria, Crystal, Medea
(I literally forgot who half these people are... Yeah, nothing has changed)
5/1 c18 36SenseiGrace
Ahhhhh! I love you and this chapter so much, bestieeeeee!

My Danya! Eeeeek! She was perfect! The way she stiffened when Gea said she was royalty!

Also Gea is awesome and scary and I am so intrigued by her!

Also... Gunshots? Protests? This is gonna be GOOD!

Can't wait for the next chapter! Love you!
8/13/2021 c17 Angeley
Just realized how opposite Sid and Aaina are in the way that the deal with their emotions. Sid hides his emotions (which I mean makes sense because of Levana :() but dang Aaina cannot cover up her emotions for the life of her.

Yesssss Banglia got eliminated! Never liked her much anyway. Plus wth is with her name PLS. I was smiling a bit too much when Sid eliminated her in public...like girl you did ask for it no need to be angry.

Good for Lyza standing her ground. I don't have much to say about her, I didn't love her but I didn't dislike her either. She's kinda just neutral for me rn. Though, I definitely find her cold exterior vs. what she's actually like on the inside fun to read about. Who knows, she could always WARM up to me (*get it, cause she's the ice queen ;) no pls ignore me lets pretend I never said this). Alais, Pangea, and Danya are prob my top fav rn (besides Aaina ofc.)

I liked how sid eliminated Banglia in public, it was super satisfying, but I admit that the "I would want everyone to know your mistake" line was bomb. I'm not sad to see Banglia gone but I would like some of her confidence haha. I've noticed that most of the Artemisians seemed to be portrayed in a bad light, like all arrogant and stuff when the earthens are much more nicer? I'm sure they can't all be one-dimensional like that, but that's mostly just my bias towards Aaina talking. But it does make me wonder if a bunch of artemisians will be eliminated first, or if it will become some on-going conflict with Levana. Like maybe Sid will want to eliminate the Artemisians cause they suck but then will be forced to keep them to please his mother.

Yesss a group date. Group dates can be so much fun seeing the dynamics and differences between all the girls. I seriously think I just rlly like seeing dates anyways. I'm glad Sid cleared up his intentions, less chances of Gea deciding to kill him haha (not like I actually think she would but you never know). Each time he makes a vulnerable speech though I feel myself get so anxious. I'm not even in Sid's position but I still feel as if Levana just has super hearing or smt and it scares me that she can just overhear everything.

I'm excited to learn more about Zaire's backstory. I don't know if it's been mentioned or if my memory just sucks (prob the latter) but as someone who has no idea what Sid has to apologize for, I feel like it's something rlly tragic and is locked in this air of mysteriousness which makes me curious each chapter as to what happened to her or her family and how it has affected her. Especially if Sid is somehow involved or smt, then would that hatred travel over to him?

"She was either infuriated or determined" yeah cause she's the spy Sid. I bet Sid will be oblivious to this fact for so long lol I don't have much faith in him when it comes to this sorry Sid.

I know I've said this but I'll say it again, I love your writing. My favourite part of it is probably your use of metaphors and comparisons, sometimes it feels like I'm reading poetry I don't know how you do it. We often are harder on our own writing, god knows I can't read anything I write without cringing, but in reality it is always much better than you think. If you ever find yourself doubting your writing know you'll always have a supporter in me!
YES YOUVE READ HEARTLESS. I read the book a couple months ago and after I finished reading it I was still obsessed for like a week and literally cried whenever I talked about it, though i guess thats normal for me haha. Either ways, I'm so glad I've found someone else who has read Heartless! As a last note, sorry for the long review, I'm going to try to split it up so it's easier to read, it's just kinda late and super hot here so I guess I'm not thinking straight when I'm writing this review. I'm reading through it and some parts def feel chaotic haha.
8/3/2021 c1 1Aemma Arryn
SELECTION FANFICTION! My life is complete. You don’t know how long I’ve been looking for something like this on this site!
8/1/2021 c17 Marie

I couldn't imagine sweet little Sid marrying her anyway. *Throws up*

Lyza and Sid's relationship is just so sweet and it's almost like the fairytale that they are *sighs* but of course that would be unfair to the other girls, so I'm sure he'll have to get to know the other girls and have equally cute relationships too!

There's a little bit of braille at the beginning though, but it's not so much that I didn't understand the sentence, don't worry!

So excited for the group date!

I'd rather have a slow AIT train than a crashed train! At least it isn't falling off the tracks _

My totally accurate prediction-ator:

Fav: Ariella, Gea, Lyza, Danya
Like: Aaina, Adalyn, Lan, Alais, Zaire
Neutral: Zhana, Fia, Mel
Dislike: Asteria, Crystal, Medea
Hate: Banglia (YEAHHHH BYEEEE)
(basically the same except Zaire is in likes now)
7/19/2021 c16 Angeley
Just gotta say, great job with Aaina's pov this chapter! I was so excited when I saw it and it did not let me down. The way you conveyed her fear of Levana and internal conflict was *chef's kiss*. Now, moving onto Alais. She certainly is an interesting one, isn't she? I absolutely adored her, her pov was so interesting. I loved seeing all her wonderland daydreams and the descriptions of them. Not to mention, I liked the way you changed the writing to fit Alais, like I'm actually in her head, y'know? Alais really was a delight to read I think she's one of my fav characters so far. And the fact that Andrina has a crush on Sid...Honestly I don't know if Alais' observations are true, but it was something I was not expecting. If she does like him I can't wait to see what happens with that,,,...all the drama! Awwww I always feel so bad for Sid. Dang Levana, just give him a break! I'm glad he has Kai, but I can't imagine what it must've been like growing up devoid of love or care from his own mother. I'm glad he kinda stood up to her in his own way and now the girls are mingling. Also, Sid's dreams of his future with his wife was adorable to read, but I doubt it will ever be that easy with Levana in the way. If next chapter is the dinner I'm excited to see how it goes. I love seeing the selected girls interact and seeing what friend groups form. Till next time and sorry for the late review! (Also, happy belated birthday to AIT! Congrats on the full year, you should be proud of yourself Miri it's such an accomplishment! I did read the birthday chapter on time I just didn't review lol. I love your writing and I get how it can sometimes get hard to write, it happens with every writer, but keep on pushing through, do whatever makes you happy! Love ya :))
7/15/2021 c16 a cat being taken for a bath
6/9/2021 c17 SweaterSloth369
Awww this was amazing! Happy birthday An Intriguing Tradition! You are an amazing writer and should never doubt that for a second!
6/9/2021 c17 Marie
Miri! Your story is beautiful, don't doubt yourself! It's better than anything I will ever write, at least haha. Congratulations on one year!
5/31/2021 c16 SweaterSloth369
Great chapter! I loved seeing how it feels to be under levanas effect! Very visualizing!
5/31/2021 c16 Marie
Ooooo! New chapter! This story is my absolute favorite _, Levana is like still my favorite character ever, she has so much depth to her and I'm excited to see her development! And we all love some Sid angst!

Aaina and Alais are really interesting characters! Aaina is so cool, I love that she's Levana's self-esteem raiser person and it really adds depth to her being in the selection. I LOVED Alais! She really stands out and I can picture Maddie from Ever After High being really good friends with her because they're all MAD, MAD like the Mad Hatter and Wonderland! Haha.

And I LOVE that SID stood up to his mom, and we get a bit of backstory why Sid is so submissive. It must have been so traumatizing, poor Sid doesn't deserve this :( I wanna scoop him up and put him in our world where he's loved and appreciated, but I bet he's gonna find himself soon! ;)

My totally-accurate prediction-ator:

Fav: Ariella, Gea, Lyza, Danya
Like: Aaina, Adalyn, Lan, Alais
Neutral: Zhana, Fia, Zaire, Mel
Dislike: Asteria, Crystal, Medea
Hate: Banglia
(basically the same)
5/1/2021 c15 Angeley
Yay, I'm so glad this story is back!
Ok, to start off I just wanted to say that I adored the way you portrayed Aaina. You added just enough of her cute phrases in, just enough to notice it but not be overbearing, and I loved the tidbit about her complimenting Sid's shoes. Her whole section was just perfect :)
In this chap, Kai and Sid's convo was really great to see. This whole thing with Levana possibly listening in continues to stress me out, but I'm glad that they have each other. Kai seems to dislike Artemisians, I mean that completely makes sense with what he's gone through, but I wonder if he'll strongly discourage Sid from picking one? Interesting, since Levana would probably prefer an artemisian but Kai seems to prefer earthens.
The ice cream date was super cute! Good thing Sid finally got to try ice cream. I really liked getting to know Adalyn more and seeing how she acts when she's less nervous as well. I kinda like that she's scared to fall in love? I'm just a sucker for characters like that and then I love it when I see them fall in love after being scared. That being said, I wonder the idea of a selection might be too hard for her? Like just hard seeing Sid date other girls? Idk this could go in either direction but I'm still looking forward to when she lets her walls down, I'm a sucker for those moments. I also feel like she may have some backstory to why she's so scared which I'm excited to figure out.
OOoooohhhh and based on the last section the rebellion seems to be planning something. Woah, Pangea is the leader?! I knew she was part of the rebellion but not a leader. I'm really excited to see her plans and how she might use the selection to her advantage. It's so smart though like just imagine all the info she'll be able to gather as a spy. I'm already scared for Mrs. Stellar. Well, mostly her kids, I'm already emotionally attached to them, they better be safe! The last scene was so good I can't wait to see what will happen.
And my favourite book? I can't say I have one. I like way too many of them. But I did read a book called The Book Thief recently which I enjoyed, even though I cried my eyes out. Anyways, can't wait to see what will happen in the next chap! Maybe a date ;) Looking forward to getting to know all of the girls better!
4/19/2021 c15 SweaterSloth369
Great chapter! Love the little scene of Kai and Sid. Also the date was super cute!
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