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4/19/2021 c15 Frenchie Is French
Sid is precious, and so is Adalyn, even of she's holding back. I want ice cream now too. Smh.

ALSO, Mrs. Stellar's section? GOLD.

>>> She goes to revolution, to hope, to doom.

I love that part so much! The raw emotion it gives, the absolute power it has. Ma'am I love her. I hope she survives the whole story.

Also my fave book is probably the little prince
4/19/2021 c15 Cookiedoodles168
Gosh, Sid and Adalyn’s date was really cute! Also, Kai and Sid’s talk was honestly heartbreaking, but so good! I loved this chapter!

Also, my favourite book is probably Pride and Prejudice!
4/19/2021 c15 3LoganPerdue
4/19/2021 c15 Abandonedaccounthmm

Alright, lets get reviewing!

I feel so sorry for Sid and Kai! The stress they're in is like both unrelatable and relatable at the same time. Like I understand the stress and the terror. Imagine having to pretend like you like the very person you hate the most and the price of having the slightest bit of doubt is death! That's just unbelievable. It was lovely to see another Sid and Kai moment. Miri, you're wonderful at building character bonds, I feel like you can easily make us like or dislike a character in one sentence. You're that... No, not talented. You're hardworking and amazing and you put time and effort into your writing, and it shows!

The date between Adalyn and Sid is so sweet! HAHAHAHA Sid got brain freeze! Adalyn is just like, the epitome of a perfect princess. They have such good chemistry and it's sad that Adalyn can't let down her walls, but I understand why. Let's see her open up to Sid soon!

Oooooo spooky! The guard with Iko is the woman's son? That's interesting! And Pangea is a leader rebel? I don't like this, I don't like this at all.

My totally-accurate prediction-ator:

Fav: Ariella, Gea, Lyza, Danya
Like: Aiana, Adalyn, Lan, Alais
Neutral: Zhana, Fia, Zaire, Mel
Dislike: Asteria, Crystal, Medea
Hate: Banglia
11/7/2020 c14 Cookiedoodles168
Lol real subtle, Banglia.
Aww I really like Alais, Mel, Lan, and Danya already! And oh my gosh Medea's definitely a firecracker!
Ooh and Sid's standing up for himself a bit-definitely enjoyed seeing that, and I'm super curious about Levana's tests!
11/6/2020 c14 1The-Sweater-Sloth
Great chapter, you wrote Lán very well. I also love alais
11/6/2020 c14 Abandonedaccounthmm
Okay! So the chapter is FINALLY visible for all to see! Let me just tell you that I ADORE long chapters, so this was a great ride for me! And Miri, don't be afraid to make your characters suffer... The more angst, the better! This was a great conclusion to the meetings, because Sid definitely got some... Er, bad apples in here. And who doesn't like seeing characters suffer? Um... Everyone else but me? SURE!

Sooooo let's start, shall we? Um... Where were we again? *scrolls up*

Okay, so Banglia looks like it's not a submission? I'm not too sure, I can't find her on your profile. I DO remember the name from somewhere, though, so I'll review her all the same as I reviewed Asteria. She seems very fishy... I wouldn't want to get in the way of her! I mean, "Being the crown prince and the third most important person in the world..." She's not being exactly the most subtle here, hm?

Next is Lan (I don't have accent keys, sorry). She's probably my favorite. I'm really interested in her personality! It's super awesome and I like her demeanor. She's cold and strong but warm and forgiving at the same time. I really like her name and Sid seems to like her - if he likes her, I like her too!

Ooooh Danya! I'm really sure that Danya and Sid will get along pretty nicely because of their royal status, added to the fact that Danya is probably going to have Levana's approval since she's royal... I have good money on her winning! I really like her personality too. She seems so selfless and caring! She's probably pretty too, which is always an upside lol.

Mel is super cool! I actually really adore her! We all have a soft spot for the meek girls haha! I really like their dynamic. She kinda reminds me of Adalyn kinda. I still have my bets on her being The Little Mermaid, but I'm not 100% sure.

Alais (How do you even pronounce it) seems super amiable! She was sooooo awesome, with the cat and all that! She's definitely not getting eliminated for now. She stood out, and those who stand out usually don't get thrown to the dump. Everyone stands out though, but I really like her!

And, uh, Medea. Medea, Medea, Medea. She's probably even worse than Crystal or Asteria, but that's probably because they're more composed and cold, reserving their true personalities awayyyyy. She's pretty interesting. I didn't know there could be... Another race. That's super interesting! She's super threatening. I don't think I'd ever want to meet her in real life!

Oh! And now Sid is standing up to his mommy a little bit! Go on, Sid, tell her that she isn't the boss of you! Just... Try not to step out of line TOO much. You don't want to get stabbed by your own mother, hm?

It DOES bother me that Levana didn't bother to have any more children than simply just Sid. Like, if you really wanted to secure your throne, you would have at least five. What if Sid just jumped off a cliff one day because... I don't know, stress? What if he died due to some weird natural cause? You'll have no heir and uh oh, Luna is in danger! Although I guess if she's thinking like the more children more Ptolemy-like kids that can just back-stab her whenever, she could be right.

My totally-accurate prediction-ator:

Fav: Ariella, Gea, Lyza, Danya
Like: Aiana, Adalyn, Lan, Alais
Neutral: Zhana, Fia, Zaire, Mel
Dislike: Asteria, Crystal, Medea
Hate: Banglia
9/21/2020 c13 Abandonedaccounthmm
Hey hey hey! Great chapter, once again! I have been soooooooo cringy with my reviews lately and I regret most of them, but I'll try to shut my candor and keep this nice and objective!

Sid is like- the definition of a guy who just needs some guidance. He's pretty cool, he's able to have a coherent, sensible conversation with Earthens unlike ONE OF HIS PARENTS. I hope he gets the justice he needs! To think that if Cinder hadn't died, he wouldn't exist - he's just that cool! Unlike the last bunch of Selected (Crystal *cough* Asteria *cough*) this round seems pretty nice! I'm excited to see this Selection going!

Iko/Andrina is being super suspicious, I think she needs to get her acting skills straight lol; better send her to an acting camp because she's just that bad! I think you would do a million times better than her, to be honest. But alas, 'tis is how the story goes. We only have to wait for the inevitable reveal of her Iko-ness and someone is gonna be in peril!

Fia was brilliant, she held up pretty well, which is awesome! Aiana was lovely, although you could've been hinting at a possible betrayal...? I don't know, but I like the Aiana here. Lyza is a total gem. I wish they had more time to talk! Zhana was so mysterious... I have a feeling her fortunes are real. Unless she's a Cassandra. Gea was awesome! She seems so approachable, I wish I could meet her :(.

So I thought I'd start doing the thing that I've seen some folks do? Like the thing that you list your favorite competitors. I've never done it before, I've only seen it in reviews so, I'm guessing you just list your feelings of the Selected. I'm just gonna do whoever has done the interviews, since I don't want to miss a Selected from the previous chapters.

My totally-accurate prediction-ator:

Fav: Ariella, Gea, Lyza
Like: Aiana, Adalyn
Neutral: Zhana, Fia, Zaire
Dislike: Asteria, Crystal
9/21/2020 c13 Frenchie Is French
Ahhhhh! Welcome back! What a banger chapter as usual. I have to admit though, my favorites for this chapter are Lyza and Aaina. I can just envision how pretty both of them look in real life and I am swooning. To be fair, they're all probably pretty but y'know, it be like that. Great chapter xx
9/21/2020 c13 3LoganPerdue
8/27/2020 c12 Frenchie Is French
I think I like Lux. I could feel Sid's anxiety throughout the chapter, it was nicely done! I'm looking forward for more :D
8/21/2020 c12 Cookiedoodles168
Oof poor Sid! Hopefully Levana will be completely unaware of his little slip up! Lux seems pretty cool too, I hope we see him again sometime soon!
8/21/2020 c12 IUsedToBeASpyLongAgo
So cool, I got an account. I like the plot of the character and I decided finally getting an account allowed me to submit. Fairly happy now.
8/18/2020 c12 2Sylea
Sid really is a ball of stress, but he's so cute as always :)
I love Lux's name! ;)
This story is really amazing, and I'm so curious to read what you've planned! :D
8/18/2020 c11 Sylea
They don't have Ice Cream on Luna? How do they survive? x)
Also wow Crystal will be hard for Sid to handle, poor guy.
Iko is still iconic (wink), love her. :)
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