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8/18/2020 c10 2Sylea
Another amazing chapter! :D
Sorry for the late review, I was in holidays the past weeks. :)
I really love how you wrote Lyza!
And I stan Iko more than anyone.
The other girls all look so cool, Snezhana is the one I'm the most curious about for now.
I don't know how Sid will choose. ;)
8/17/2020 c12 Abandonedaccounthmm
Finally, I've been waiting for a century! Ah, it's fine, this was a nice chapter!

I totally called it! If a whole chapter is dedicated to this issue, this must be an important thing. I can't believe that Sid really drove it home that he wanted to keep this a secret! I think that Lux will make another appearance later! This is like, foreshadowing chapter, lol.

Not much to say here, but I really enjoyed seeing another chapter! It's like you've haven't updated in a century. I was so excited to get that email alerting me of the chapter! Once again, brilliant work on created an INTRUIGING plot (get it?), and I'm excited for more!
8/16/2020 c12 SweaterSloth369
Great chapter! Love his worry, I would have been SO stressed over her finding out. Lux was cool, will we see more of her. Also miles and morales? Spider-Man into the spider verse? Lol
8/16/2020 c12 3LoganPerdue
Awesome chapter as always. I noticed braille in your first sentence, which was probably just Sid's name.
8/5/2020 c11 Abandonedaccounthmm
Ahh sorry for the late review, there was a power outage after the hurricane and I wanted to save battery; I'm actually risking my phone power by reviewing. But I just had to say, you did everything perfectly! Except for a few grammar errors - which were small and did not affect the entirety of the chapter - this was an amazing chapter! You write very well and I wish you can write faster so that we can enjoy this story more, but it's fine - better quality than quantity!

Ahh I loved everyone. Crystal was portrayed perfectly - the cold aura that she gave totally drove it home! I think Ariella was the most approachable out of the bunch that were chosen randomly, and I think she'll probably make it fairly far! Asteria was - once again - a relatable and hilarious character. Honestly, her acting is just - cringy, but hey, it's Asteria, what do you expect? And the cautious and almost disgusted way Sid reacted - wow. Zaire was fairly nice - I think once they get to know each other better, they'll warm up! Her back story seems really interesting. Same goes for Adalyn - overall, brilliant portrayal of characters!

It would have been nice to see other characters too - I wonder if Levana was watching from the sidelines, or maybe listening through a security camera! I can almost imagine her frowning and getting all angry because of Zaire and Sid's exchange over her being a tyrant.

I wish they could have given Sid more time to interact with everyone. Can't wait for what's next! Ahhhhh!
8/4/2020 c11 Frenchie Is French
I actually really like Crystal, no matter how detestable she would be to deal with in real life, as well as her similarity to Levana in terms of her character. I feel like she's one of my favorites so far. I do rather like scheming people. Great chapter! xx
8/3/2020 c11 Cookiedoodles168
Yay! The interviews! Crystal seems interesting, and I really liked Ariella and Sid’s interaction. Ooh Asteria...you better watch out for that one Sid, and Zaire and Adalyn both seem pretty nice! I really enjoyed this chapter and getting to see some of the girls meet Sid!
8/3/2020 c11 SweaterSloth369
Great chapter! I loved Sid getting to meet the girls! Astoria faking her emotions about the girl she manipulated, wow. She is good. Crystal was uptight for me also no nicknames but addressing the Royal by a nickname, hmmm. I don’t like.
8/3/2020 c11 LoganPerdue
YAS MY ADA! Awwwww she's so perfect. Great chapter!
7/31/2020 c10 Abandonedaccounthmm
Ooh nice! You captured the characters really nicely! Although I felt like Crystal's voice was a bit odd (You can only figure out her voice if you already know it, but I felt like her voice in this was a bit more whiny than regal in this, if you absolutely didn't know who Crystal was.), the story is making progress, guys! I repeat: The story is making progress!

I can't believe we're at chapter ten either! I love this story and I can't wait to see it progress - I know I have been saying this a lot, but did you know I'm VERY awed by your skill? I think I'll have to say this every chapter because there is absolutely no way I'll get to your level of writing when I get your age. Maybe when I'm in college lol.

I can't wait for them to meet Sid! Let's get to 20 chapters everyone! #AITchpt20! (jk)
7/28/2020 c10 LoganPerdue
Omg yas my girl. I adore her she's perfect :D
7/28/2020 c10 2fata orphei
oh my god pink fluffy uniform dresses? Sounds like Sneezy’s nightmare LOL. Anyways, great chapter! All the girls seem sweet so far and I’m excited to see what happens next.
7/21/2020 c9 Cookiedoodles168
Yay! Iko! I really liked her interactions with Stellar, and I hope to see the two of them interact with one another again! And ooh Levana is not having a good day lol.
7/21/2020 c9 2Sylea
Yay Iko! :D
It was great, and I'm impressed Iko managed to survive facing Levana!
But I thought she had changed her body? I may have missed something.
Anyway I'm glad Remi is helping her!
I can't wait for the girls to meet Iko and Sid :)
7/20/2020 c9 Guest
It was awesome seeing Iko! Super excited for the next chapter! :D
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