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6/25/2020 c6 2Sylea
As I already told you, I liked this chapter from Sid's point of view.
Also I can't wait to read about Asteria, she will probably get the worse of Sid, but that would be very interesting. :)
I find it a bit sad that he has to call his mother "My Queen", but I wouldn't have expected something differently from Levana. On the other hand, I still love Kai a lot.
Also as always, I'm very impressed by your writing style! :D
6/25/2020 c6 SweaterSloth369
Great chapter, love that we got to see some of the selected from Sid’s eyes. Wonder what he will think of the rest of them
6/25/2020 c5 Sylea
I'm so excited!
I love how you wrote young Lyza, she is as cute as I imagined! :)
Ada and Zaire both look great and sweet, I can't wait to get to know them better. :D
6/25/2020 c6 3LoganPerdue
Yassss! So good. I love Kai. Adalyn is PERFECT OMG
6/25/2020 c5 3dreamerdash
It’s exciting to get to know the selected, everyone’s so creative in taking fairytale inspiration and making a spin from it. Great chapter!
6/24/2020 c5 1blueroses18
omg you have such a keen attention to detail when it comes to character identity and building and I just love it so much. Zaire popped off seriously I adored that. Zaire was precisely how imagined her and I laughed out loud when they were all laughing abt her finding love lol
Lyza is sweet! I mean we only got to see her as a child but I’m really interested to see what it’s gonna look like when she and sid see each other again and how they interact in this new context where they actually ARE trying to fall in love - or pretend at the very least.
Aww poor ada she seems sweet. I love that she’s a dreamer. Her love of fairytales is precious and beautiful and unique and I want her to be happy :((
This was perfect! So excited to see more!
6/24/2020 c5 20GreenWithAwesome
Short review today, but I enjoyed this one, especially Lyza! It'll be interesting to see how her relationship between Obsidian develops once the Selection comes. I got a little confused over Ada and Zaire but I think I'll better be able to distinguish them once we get into the thick of the competition.

Great chapter! Keep writing!
6/23/2020 c5 Abandonedaccounthmm
! The alarm is sounding! I swear, if no one has Anastasia as fairytale inspiration, I will be so shocked!

I think Zaire is The Little Mermaid - the opening scene has her near water, and she said that she is quite impulsive and spontaneous, so that could be a sign - ahhhhhhhh this is so fun to guess!

I can't wait for my selected to come up! You're gonna do phenomenal!
6/23/2020 c5 SweaterSloth369
Great chapter! Love all the girls
6/23/2020 c5 3LoganPerdue
Omg yasss I've been waiting for this! Ada is perfect and omg, LYZAAAA. I adore her. She's awesomme
6/21/2020 c4 1blueroses18
Oooooo I love this! Intrigue... Venus makes me smile I like her as a character... I wonder if she’ll ever rebel against the Queen if she dislikes her so much *wink wink*
Awwww remiiii we love our short king I appreciate u buddy I’ll always appreciate u! You are loved u are special and u are gonna be an ASSET in the rebellion. I’m also very interested in Pangea! I have absolutely no idea what her story is but I promise to keep a sharp eye out haha. But I like her snark and her spirit! Let’s get rolling baby! This is getting fun
6/21/2020 c4 2Sylea
As I already told you, I love Remi, and I'm looking forward seeing him interact with the other characters. :)
Venus is also interesting, because she is close to Levana, but also not her biggest fan.
Gea looks amazing, I wouldn't have guessed there would be some girls from the Rebellion in the Selection, but I think it will add a whole new dimension. :)
6/21/2020 c4 Abandonedaccounthmm
Ooh, drama is brewing!

I love love love the relationship between Levana and Venus! It's so complicated, and you never know what's going to happen. I am hooked!

Can't wait for the next one!
6/20/2020 c4 2fata orphei
Ooooo definitely interesting! It’s late and i’m sleepy so my review’s probably gonna be garbage but here goes: I hope Remi shows up again, he seems like a sweetie, and then Gea! Nice intro! Right off the bad with the red hair I thought hmm maybe Merida/Brave, but also maybe Robin Hood. I am curious how the name Pangea would tie into it! Maybe just like “all earth” and wanting to create more unity or something. Anyways, nice chapter and I’m excited for more!
6/20/2020 c4 20GreenWithAwesome
The scene between Levana and Venus is chilling. The tension is there, but Venus is far too sycophantic to show anything but love for Levana. Funny that Levana knew Venus' dark thoughts at the very end there. Imagine if Venus just up and yeeted Levana off the balcony, hahahah.

Wow, my daughter, my child! She makes an appearance! So early, too. Before I get into her, I loved Remi! What an interesting position he's in. Palace guard and yet works for the resistance. I hope he doesn't get caught (but I suspect he will because no way he'll get away with it LOL). And Pangea! She was wonderful, exactly how I hoped her to be. We get to glimpse her in her element, too. Seems she's upgraded in life being a resistance leader, hahah. Cannot wait to see how you'll tackle this plot line. It's promising to be super intriguing indeed...

Loved Pangea, and looking forward to the next chapter! :D
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