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8/5 c10 Rae Burgess
I'm sure they are prisoners who made an alliance to get out of prison
8/3 c10 2JaylaLovesReading
The cliffhangers! Why?! Why?!
8/3 c10 18puppydogs68
I used to think Brackendra wasn't really a good ship...until I read this. Bracken was awesome in this chapter! :D
8/3 c10 2NaoSa
Yay! New chapter! I really enjoyed this chapter. I like how you gave Kendra some resist because of her being fairykind, I think that was really good.

Nooooo. Not Tanu! Huh, Parrions. Sound cool.

And um, yes. So funny. Yeah.

Very nice chapter. Also love supportive bracken. Nice job describing it as well.

Can’t wait for an update again! Love this story! Buh bye!

7/28 c9 Rae Burgess
it must be a prisoner who rebelled, otherwise I don't see what it can be...
The plot is very interesting !
7/27 c9 2JaylaLovesReading
Oh you torture us with the cliffhangers
7/27 c9 18puppydogs68
Oh my gosh, how do you manage to squeeze in such funny moments into such a creepy story? XD
7/27 c9 2NaoSa
Yay! New chapter! I was happy to see my phone buzz saying this story was updated!

So I have narrowed down my guesses for the bad guy. Honestly it made sense the bad guy was already at Fablehaven because it is hard to break in, but I never truly ruled out the possibility. I wonder why the prisoner is doing this now and how they are doing it now. Have they just been using their time? And it talked about potions... Does it have to do with the potion master maybe, and what do the potions do?

Great chapter! I’m glad to find out a bit more about the villain. I wonder what Kendra’s thinking, but of course there is a cliffhanger. Until next time!

7/27 c8 Rae Burgess
At this point everyone will be affected! It worries me...
7/23 c8 NaoSa
Nice chapter! Not too long and not too short which I enjoy. And I’m going to hold you to that :p

Of corse you had to cliffhanger, though then again, why am I not surprised.

I love that last scene with Warren pressed up against the glass. For some reason I instantly thought of my dog pressing his nose against the glass. Ha

I enjoy how you kept Seth’s character with the whole “ew, love” kind of character.

Hm. Bad guy. Could it be one of the people already at fablehaven, society, or just plain evil. Tough call, but it did start in the dungeon so it must have somehow been or got into fablehaven. And of course there is defenses with the register and such, so it would have to be someone very powerful to break into fablehaven or someone already in fablehaven. Though most of the people have already been bested, destroyed or imprisoned. Would it be someone old who broke free or someone knew? I bet I’ll have it soon. Maybe once I find intentions of the people with the plauge. Can’t wait to see who or what though I am starting to get an inkling if I can find out if it is from in or outside of fablehaven. If it was outside there would have to be a spy or someone who got in. And if someone in, is it new who somehow gained power or someone old who broke free and got new power somehow. Interesting. Ok I’ll stop talking now. ;)

I’ll get that soon, that is just some of the circumstances and scenarios going through my nerdy mind. I tend to overthink things like that.

I hope Kendra gets better I hate seeing her innocent character in pain though I know it has to happen. I enjoy how you added a but of Brackendra in this chapter, it totally fit in well, along with Seth’s reaction as previously mentioned.

Interesting title for this chapter. I’m sure I’ll make the connection soon. It was fun to see a new chapter and how committed you are to the story.

Nice to see how you time your updates, can’t wait!

I enjoy the thing you said about casts. I don’t know why I connect to it so well.

Until next time! Keep writing!
7/23 c8 2JaylaLovesReading
Ahhh Warren can be scary when he wants, and he definitely wants to be scary. This was great as always! ️
7/23 c8 18puppydogs68
I have no clue who the villain might be lol. XD

Also, the Seth part was hilarious!
7/23 c8 Luna Tenebris
Awesome as always, love the suspense!
7/22 c7 Guest
No worries, have fun!
7/19 c7 2NaoSa
Looking forward to it! :)
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