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9/3 c8 FablehavenFan07
Thank you for calling all of us decent fablehaven fans that read your fanfics awesome but you are the truly awesome one. I could never in a million years be as good at writing as you are so thank you!
9/1 c14 13colleenmariep
I saw Seth say do 'get help' and I immediately thought of the scene in Thor Ragnarok where Thor and Loki are in the elevator and Thor's all like "We should do get help" and Loki's like "we're not doing get help" and then they do it anyways. Also it's currently 1:30 am and I just got the update for this story even though this chapter came out 2 days ago. Nice job though lolol
9/1 c14 6books-and-starss
I missed the chapter yesterday, sorry! But it's really good! Exciting, and I came wait to find out what happens next!
8/31 c14 2JaylaLovesReading
Ok, I might just be really stupid and it’s a reference to something else, but was what they were saying to the “goblins” a Studio C reference? Anyways, great chapter! ️
8/31 c14 24puppydogs68
You write Seth so well! Also, loved the references, lol. XD
8/31 c14 15NaoSa
First order of business. Amazing chapter, like always. Loved how you nailed Seth and Bracken’s relationship/ friendship and how you did protective Seth. One of my favorite things to read and write about. Seth is an amazing character and you nailed him. Also nailed how Bracken is modern deprived (If That is a thing. Lol.)

Also, first of all, also love the hunger games and the quotes. Personally my two favorites are “May the odds be ever in your favor” and “if we burn, you burn with us.” But I cannot choose. I love Gale’s character, but I also enjoy Peeta’s loyalty. Ugh. Can’t choose. And I don’t know how to describe their relationships in there, which is why I love it.

Again, amazing job! Awesome writing!
8/25 c13 13colleenmariep
wow... this story is really coming out great job! also wow.
8/24 c13 6books-and-starss
AAAAA! I'm so excited to find out what happens next! And also I love the parrions
8/24 c13 15NaoSa
I have a lot of scenarios going through my head. I know it has to do with a man in the basement or something, so they will most likely try to destroy the source. What I’m guessing is the man in the basement has some object that allows the plauge to happen. Or else, why wouldn’t he have done it before? Maybe something happened to the prisoners during keys to the demon prison. Maybe they will attempt to recreate the mixture so that it works for everyone, then again, Tanu is affected. Maybe they will find some object that will be able to change it? Or maybe the fairy queen knows something? Who will they go to next? I wonder if they will talk to the people in the basement. Then again, it’s not safe. I am curious about about the jinn. I honestly, don’t know what, but I am excited to see what happens!

Why Seth! Love how you made it so dramatic on that line with handing the lives!

I really enjoyed this chapter and cannot wait for an update!
8/24 c13 24puppydogs68
Excuse me for one moment.

*terrified and shocked screaming in the background*


Lol I need more...XD
8/22 c12 15NaoSa
Loved this, like always! Amazing job!
8/22 c12 6books-and-starss
Oooohh, at the start his hand was tingling because he touched the door handle and that's where the disease was for Vanessa to pick it up! Does that mean Seth is immune because shadow charmer magic, or has it just not set in yet? I briefly considered that the jinn might be the bad guy, but he can't get out of his cell, so I decided against it. After they were talking in Kendra's mind I started to think it just be multiple dudes with some sort of mind control, which makes me think maybe something to do with the wraiths? And Bracken and Tanu are still with Kendra, aren't they? And Tanu got infected!
My favorite magical creatures are fairies and unicorns, though Brandon Mull's fairies are kinda mean usually. I'd like to learn more about every single kind, though! Especially the Fair Folk, I think!
8/22 c11 books-and-starss
I wonder what happened to Lena! And I definitely prefer happy endings!
8/21 c10 books-and-starss
"BRACKEN MAY BE DENSE" okay, now you've got me wondering if there's something actually wrong with Seth or if he's just upset about Kendra. And I was right that she was infected! Will Seth be infected now too since he gave her a hug? Or did the infection not set in until Bracken accidentally burned her by clashing with the evil magic?
8/21 c9 books-and-starss
Kendra said Seth was experimenting with new stuff all the time, and then Warren said the man downstairs was doing experiments! Conclusion: is SETH the bad guy? Kidding, now I'm thinking it might be one of the prison goblins. Though they didn't just invent their glop. And Kendra is infected now because Warren touched her! Oh no!
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