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for Female Bilbo One Shots

7/30 c17 13Bonnie Celt
All of them were BRILLIANT! Usually, I'm not into gender-bent fic, but these were Amazing! PLEASE don't stop! I await your next update with great anticipation!
6/24 c16 1Freya's Dragon
I loved reading this particular one shot.

You crafted this story artfully and I loved the use of water to mean Smaug's destruction. It is often said that water is used to cleanse, and to have Smaug essentially cleansed of the evil he possesses in order to kill him is well thought out.

Though I haven't been reviewing often, I do look forward to seeing a lot more one shots. You write very well and I am happy to say that I am a very satisfied reader.
6/24 c16 SuperWhoVenger214
LOOOOOOVE THIS! Your last several chapters were just 1,000% awesome! I must admit, every time I see notices pop up in my email for this story and the Only In My Dreams, I get giddy with happiness!
6/21 c11 4Blueelianor
Love, love, love these stories! Just what the doctor ordered in our stressful times. :)
6/16 c8 SuperWhoVenger214
This is amazing! I love how you spun the earlier story into this one. Having her actually tugging his hair and knowing how he was experiencing on his end was truly masterful!
6/15 c4 SuperWhoVenger214
These are such amazing little one shots! I can't pick a favorite, they're all so well written! Of course, I am a Fili girl, so there's that... Great work! Keep it up!
6/14 c6 1Freya's Dragon
I've really enjoyed the one-shots that you've been posting and I would love to read more.

Just curious though - would you consider doing some one-shots with some rarer characters, like Balin or Bifur? I've really enjoyed the ones that you have written so far, but there can be so much more depth to relationships that just those of romantic love. Just a thought.
6/10 c2 Freya's Dragon
I love the drama and emotion that you put into this one-shot. The chase, hiding and stealing of things/kisses is very much in character, and I must admit that it suit both characters very well.
The cultural misunderstanding was dealt with very well too, and it does make the tow of them look foolish. Then again, there are many fools when it comes to love...
Well done on a well-crafted one-shot. I loved reading this.

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