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for compulsions

6/12 c2 Guest
Yes I like this very much very relevant and also shows compassion and ideas for coping or starting up conversations in a very unprecedented and stressful times. In others words please carry on.
6/11 c2 32IseultLaBelle
So glad you're continuing this! I love the way you write Ange and Chloe's relationship. You may already know, you can actually get anatomy colouring books on amazon, I can totally see Chloe sat pouring over one of those.

You may want to edit this chapter- fanfiction has messed the formatting up :(
6/11 c1 21Bonnie Sveen Fan
Poor Chloe. Hope Dom and Ange can get her help too, the poor girl sounds like she needs it, it can't be easy for her under lock down. Please post more.
6/10 c1 georgiathornhill
This is brilliant. I love it. Please keep writing and turn it into a full story. Xx
6/9 c1 32IseultLaBelle
This is something I’ve told very few people before. I started compulsively scratching my hands a few years ago and I’m also eczema prone- I don’t know what came first, the eczema on my hands or the compulsive scratching. This was so sensitively written, painfully realistic and just brilliant. I remember thinking at the start of lockdown that if anyone on Holby was going to struggle mentally with covid it was going to be Chloe, and you captured it all so well- I always love reading Chloe fanfiction but it’s extra brilliant when it’s something you secretly really wanted to see! You should absolutely continue with this, it’s amazing.

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