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9/10 c3 6Primus2021
So many yellows, so little choices, first Id like to say that I wish that Devin was the Black Dino Thunder Ranger, forgot to mention that.

5! Z, SPD.
4! Kelsey, Lightspeed.
3! Ashley, Turbo in Space.
2! Maya, Lost Galaxy.
1! Trini, MMPR.
9/10 c2 Primus2021
I honestly like Nick and Maddie, so why not Harry and Vida, I like see Harry as the Black Mystic Ranger either as a Dragon, Basilisk, Thestral, Cerberus or a Vampire, ... Could make him like Koragg and Nick with Catastros and Brightstar, Harry could be the Vampire Ranger with a Thestral steed sore to fuse with.

First off I see all but 1 green rangers as black rangers mostly, so top 5 ...

5! Will, Overdrive.
4! Phantom Ranger, Turbo.
3! Jarrod, Jungle Fury (I guess he could count as gold). / Mike Lost Galaxy.
2! Carlos, Space.
1! Zack, MMPR.
9/10 c1 Primus2021
I honestly didn't think that Tommy should have been Red Zeo or Turbo, to me he should have let Rocky take up the Red Zeo power with maybe Fred Kelman as Blue Zeo, the he could have retired to Florida with Kim until his return as the Gold Ranger, the lose that power and come back as the Phantom Ranger if they really wanted to keep Tommy on the show.

Anyways top 5 fav reds...
5! Carter, Lightspeed Rescue.
4! Cole, Wild Force.
3! Connor, Dino Thunder.
2! Andros, In Space.
1! Jason, MMPR.
8/18 c3 zero fullbuster
Love it.
Please write more.
7/23 c3 10AlchemyWriter
Hmm, I like where this story is going. Can't wait for the next chapter!
7/16 c3 Guest
great chapter and isn't is supposed to be 37 not 28 for the score you missed adding the nine from bagman
7/4 c3 Guest
great chapter
7/1 c2 Spencer366
1. Dillon from RPM, because he spent the entire season infected with Vinjex hardware but only turned evil once

2. Will from Overdrive, because he was a loner and a spy

3. Jake from Megaforce, the cute guy who followed Gia around like a love starved puppy

4. Chase from Dino Charge, the cute Aussie slacker

5. Tommy from Dino Thunder, he a legend
7/1 c2 tapsellry1
is the WWE reference when Shawn michaels super kicks hhh then next night he was aiming for cena
6/14 c1 Guest
whoops forgot to add just wanting to know sorry if asking that might be a problem
6/14 c1 Guest
great chapter and umm will his teammates and adopted parents and their teammates come to him when they get the ship fixed

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