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10/22 c7 Marclinee69
Please please please please update soon!
10/13 c1 Guest111
Omg this story is amazing I really hope you update it soon! The Damien/Raven kiss at the end of seven was adorable and awkward, I hope Signal is ok, and I would really like more of Jason as well.
9/30 c7 HazyCloud
Omg Damian is so precious and awkward! Wondering if he'll tell or if Raven will confront. Ooo Dick is gonna have some drama if Damian finds out that wasnt the first kiss. I cant wait until the next chapter!
9/10 c7 Alpha Slayer
I-I'm speechess! THIS STORY'S BOMB! I CAN'T EVEN WAIT FOR THE NEXT UPDATE! But please don't discontinue it...I can't deal with that pain. Buuuuuuuuuut this story's AH-MA-ZING! Also I'm kind of waiting for some steamy times (If you know what I mean). Ok I'll stop.
9/9 c7 QueenInCharge
Omg amazing. Can’t wait to keep reading
9/6 c7 1KurooB
omg i need to know who is the head of the villan
9/1 c7 irenegrace.amor
My god! It's soooo good. Please continue. I can wait for the update.
8/27 c7 jltvaughn
Oooh Amanda Waller eh. And Damian got bold! Good for him! I hope Signal ok, and Jason too for that matter. Really great chapter!
8/26 c7 5LadyAlexiaLastHope
Awwww.I love this. This is a fun read. All my favorite Robins in one body. (I'm not much for Tim) Can't wait for more.
8/24 c7 CLJuliag
I lovee this
8/13 c6 1KurooB
more pls ...i am curious why tim kill himself
8/10 c5 3Alis-volat-propriis97
OMG! This story is amazing. I live the concept idea and the way you characterized the characters. I can't wait to read more
8/9 c5 itsnightwingbitch
Raven and Nightwing, huh... Amazing! I need more!
8/9 c5 1KurooB
I wonder how do they all attract to raven? update soon
8/8 c5 jltvaughn
I am not really sure who I want Raven to fall in love with..I kind of hope she just loves all of them.. Because they all seem to already have this deep connection and affection for each other. I am extremely curious why Nightwing didn't want to go help her if he is in love with her too?! I hope you tell us. Also, when they had sex years ago it sounded too intimate to be just a one night stand. Did he already love her then? I really hope so. I am really enjoying this story. I love everyone's interactions. They seem on point and the action is great! Can't wait to read more! Poor Damian, sounds like it's time for him not to be a "virgin" anymore (hint, hint)
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