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for A Night At The Opera

6/20/2020 c1 22Alyce and Indi
Awww! So gratifying to see this. This Christine knows that Erik is DANGEROUS. It's sweet how she misses him and yet loves her life with Raoul.
(I'm guessing you've never seen Love Never Dies. Yay, me neither! But it seems like most of the Phandom has, and justifies EC with 'well Raoul turned into an abusive jerk!' but...no. That's not actually canon.)

Sorry for the mini-rant there. Just wanted to say how sweet and beautiful and romantic this is. Got a little too caught up.

...yeah I definitely see Raoul as the kind of person who always needs to be Doing Something. I'm the same way, but reading and playinf pointless games on my phone are Something (almost) as much as actually productive things.

I like Christine's introspectiveness, too, and her glare at M. Impolite!

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