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for Harry potter and the wolf warrior

8/8 c1 Guest
Good start so far keep up the good work please update soon I want to see what happens
7/29 c1 1keybladelight
Hey can you make the full chapter of monster musume watch blank slate please because you have made only a short chapter and not .chapter please remade daily life with monster girls watching blank slate pretty please.
7/24 c1 Codathewizard
By ancient mystic form do you mean Leanbow's ancient mystic phoenix mode or a new wolf based one? Also will Harry have Catastros or another horse like how nick (red ranger) had that unicorn, and if so, will he be able to do both the centaur form and megazord form? Will Ron have the Zelzord that Zeltrax used when he kidnapped Elsa in the finale, just turning giant, or Zeltrax's ship? By transforming Voldemort into Imperious will it essentially be like he gets revived and that is his form, and will he have Imperious' ancient mystic form? And will the Necrolai student be a vampire like Necrolai was or just have her physical appearance and abilities? Will Ron essentially leave his family? Finally, I'm sorry about how long the review is. I just had a lot of questions and I also see a good bit of potential for this fic and I like your choice of using the ice queen card for ancient mystic mode and I just want to tell you that Udonna could actually just become giant. Also a suggestion if you do have Hermione combine with Hedwig, which I think is a fun idea especially since she is a snowy owl, you could make the fused form be a type of Harpy. Also when Neville has the magic lamp blaster will he also have Jenji? Sorry again, It's just hard to find fanfictions with nice premises like this one and most of the time when you do, they've either abandoned it or seem to have completely quit writing fanfiction. I just want to say that I like the premise of this story and how you seem to be doing it.
7/18 c1 7Don1st
so far so good
7/15 c1 steve.moore.9081323
Ok is there more
7/13 c1 Bensport Expere
When is the nex chapter?
6/13 c1 Guest
This sounds like it’s going to be an amazing story! I’ll definitely be reading every update!
6/11 c1 railnut21
fantastic story . Fuull of details...

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