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for Naruto: The Emperor of Duel Monsters

6/11 c11 Apedreitor
Time out! Time out! How the heck can naruto use the buster blader when that's the card he was promised if he won? And even how could have the card to special summon him when isn't part of his deck yet, you this time pulled this from your ass dude, you are better than that
5/15 c11 PLEASE READ
I have another suggestion this one being that if you decide to have Naruto and Serenity together maybe she could have one of the Roman millennium items and you mentioned before that they have similar powers to the original 7 so maybe she could have the one with the millennium necklace future visions it would be interesting if a girl who almost lost her sight could see the future and to add to the theme she should have the fortune lady deck and Shio should have a magician girl archetype deck with the food themed magician girls
5/13 c11 PLEASE READ
The two special cards I wish you would add to Naruto’s deck are scrap iron scarecrow and healing wave generator from yu-go-oh 5Ds because they have useful and powerful abilities and maybe Naruto could win them in the battle city tournament from some rare hunters
These are just suggestions but I hope you will at least consider them
5/13 c11 PLEASE READ
These are just some suggestions for cards that can be used, for Shio my idea is to use the fortune lady arch- type for her deck and Naruto is the one who gives it to her, some cards that should be added to Naruto's deck are scrap iron scarecrow because it has a cool effect and maybe he could get all the legendary dragons and there special fusion cards after the leviathan arch I always felt like it was a shame that those cards disappeared
I ask that you don't include synchro, Xyz or any monster types that come after use only fusion and ritual please
5/13 c11 PLEASE READ
I hope you decide to have Nero explain to everyone about the other 4 Roman millennium items like what they are and what there magical abilities are maybe doing the same with the original 7 when they all regroup and have some down time
This is a very good story and I greatly enjoy it so this suggestion is only an idea because I think it would be cool the Roman millennium items shouldn't disappear like the Egyptian millennium items because they were created differently yet still similar they should stay now for my idea since the ring was for the Emperor one of its powers should be too use the unique powers of the other 4 to a lesser degree but only if the owner of the item swears fealty, I believe that's the right word for loyalty, to the one wearing the ring so if Tea and Rin both get one of the Roman millennium items they should pledge there loyalty and kiss Naruto's ring thus allowing Naruto to wield the same power as the items they have but with more limitations, for example if Rin's item had the same power as the millennium rod to control minds Naruto could do the same but he couldn't control as many or from a longer distance than Rin
5/3 c11 Guest
i think he already has that card buster blade in the first chapter
5/3 c1 Goku Black
Windstorm, what do you think of Resident Evil Village? Imagine Naruto as King and married to three women, Bela, Cassandra and Daniela, adopted by Lady Dimitrescu and can live with them at Dimitrescu Castle. Naruto will look like Menma RTN and Yami Naruto, his hair will be black or red. Elementary Nations will experience the real nightmare! Naruto will be feared by everyone who will spread terror and fear in the world. He will be known as the most dangerous, cruel and sadistic vampire and will not stop hunting his enemies as a predator. So you prefer neglected Naruto, Naruto trapped in the Blood Prison or very tired Naruto being treated and disposed of as trash during the Chunin Exam. It's your choice, Windstorm. Good luck!
5/3 c11 Guest
Naruto always manages to find trouble. Great job on this chapter.
5/4 c11 Samuel Santillan
I'll be honest:
I loved!
good chapter I hope the next one, also naruto will have some other strange face is what he asked me from the beginning.
5/3 c11 10XenoBlaze
It's just one thing after another for the gang, huh?
4/10 c10 Look2021
Great Chapter!
4/3 c7 3Raidentensho
not too shabby. hope you pick this up again. i do wonder if the Melodivas archetype will also premier early and be Tea's deck as well. plus will the card 'Lady of D' also premier and be in Rin's deck? looking forward to more. until then, later!
1/16 c10 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
Rare hunter? here? Why would marik send feelers out in pegasus' tournament!? will have to wait and see.
1/10 c10 Guest
More please
1/7 c10 Nicholas
Rare hunters make my skin crawl, i look forward to seeing naruto cream that creep, please have naruto get the trap card DNA surgery and have him turn all monsters into beast type.
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