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10/11 c13 heartupstead
I miss this story so much!
9/9 c14 heartupstead
9/7 c14 Guest
Please update this story is really good.
7/8 c14 Harry
I loved this story so much. I couldn't stop reading, and it is currently 1:49 in the morning so I should probably be sleeping but this was too good. Will there be more chapters addressing the birth of the twins? I would love to spend more time reading any upcoming chapters in the future. Hopefully more chapters to come fingers crossed
5/31 c14 michel28
yey! got soo happy when i saw you updated, so glad she’s finally home. can’t wait for the next update. :)
5/19 c14 8TexasForeverFan
Yay, I’m glad you updated again and I’m glad Aislyn is safe! I’m interested to see how you play out the aftermath and what Ace remembers/witnessed while with Shane.

I love how you tied all these characters from Hailey and Jay’s past together, I’m sure it wasn’t easy to write but it turned out great! I also like that Camilla wasn’t a bad character in your story, and how she sacrificed her life for Aislyn.

Anywho, enough of my rambling. it was amazing and I can’t wait for what you have in store for us next.
5/17 c14 17ladybug89
Such an amazing job! love it!
5/17 c14 Guest
The girl is already home !
Thanks god ! and safe and sound

Please continue
5/17 c14 JediA
I missed you girl! I'm so glad she's home! can't wait to read more
5/17 c14 sandygirl
Oh I'm so glad she's back with her family! I loved this update,what a great job you did with this one. I loved how everyone just came together for that little girl,with kisses and hugs,and her bear. I gotta say the end was the best when she came home to her mommy! This was a heartfelt update,thanks again.
5/17 c14 zillyzoo
Aww I’m so glad she is back! You did such a good job writing this! I would love to see Aislyn’s struggles that come with what she went through and see Hailey and Jay help her through that.
5/17 c14 17proseccoandpd
AHHH I've been waiting for this chapter, and it was amazing! So so happy Ace is back home safe, and their little reunion with Hailey was precious!
5/17 c14 heartupstead
so perfect! Aislyn is home and everything is complete now!
Can’t wait to see how hailey will deal with this trauma
4/29 c1 4collegesoccer0507
Please update soon
4/28 c13 BwithUforever
Oh goodness, I am so unbelievably happy that she is back in Jay's arms. I cannot wait to see the reunion with Hailey.
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