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2h c4 Lawoi
I realy enjoid this fic
Its one of the few good and proper Scp fanfic and Its a crossover to boot
Are you going to involve Scp 1440 and 4051 too? They are humans and have neat abilties
1440 is an elderly man Who gaind immortality through cheating brothers death in poker game
And gaind otherwordly tressuers that included a set of cards that Can reverse fate
An exiler that Can cure all the diseases
A bag that Can contain disasters and said to contain the AllDeath
As for Scp 4051 He is a human Who Can replicate the existnce of other objects and thier antithesis
And force them to merge together wich will cause thier destercuction
He Can Also reblicate the concept of death and things that wiche have no physical form
Would you Also included the Nalkas? They are called The Sarkic cult and are thos Who worship Yaldabaoth
Typically you Would have to included the Mekhanites
Would an instance of Scp 1237 by ranked as a strong S rank hero?
10/7 c4 Guest
My idea for how the SCP Foundation and Chaldea will first meet will be through a reality warping omniversal level anamoly that is causing massive space time rifts between the SCP omniverse with the Fate mutiverse to appear connecting the two separate realms of existences together. Chaldea with they're more advance technology to detect these sort of rifts are the first to notice and Ritsuka Fujimaru the protagonist of Fate Grand Order is sent to investigate with some servants sent with him where they mysteriously end up in SCP-4840 the City of Audapaupadopolis the old kingdom where the first man King Adam el Assem once ruled with might and power that surpasses that of the Age of gods in it's entirety like a single atom in a infinite ocean. Here they meet a certain old man waiting for them. He says he knows why they are here but they don't know what they are looking for and tells them that this city holds secrets that must be protected and they should tread carefully when they cross the guardians of humanity in this world. Soon followed with the SCP Foundation detecting the anomalous rift and some strange energy source at Audapaupadopolis that appeared suddenly and vanished. Then they send a investigation team out to find out what it was while Riksuka and his servants explore the city that shows a history of humanity similar but much different then that of they're own world and depictions of a king so mighty he made the mighty elder gods bow before him in respect and fear.
10/6 c4 Guest
Thanks for taking my Fate Grand Order and SCP cactusverse crossover proposal to heart I really appreciate it. I know it's been two months but I really wanted to thank you.
9/16 c2 kabs9000
9/16 c1 kabs9000
Seems interesting
9/15 c4 71ADdude
I just found your story and sat down and read the whole thing. i like it. you have a good abalance in these worlds. One punch, you know Saitama will win. In SCP you hope they can survive, and able to contain preventing the worse of to evils. Diana is a prime example, no one wanted to do that to her but going with what they had, they all thought if they didn't end of the world not a literal bundle of joy.
Nice, idea with 35, taking Over Zombieman and manipuating people into a group for him is very him.
I would like to see how the heroes handle some of the threat you can't punch.
The Old Man would be an issue, 5045 might be a fun challange, endless chocolate cake could be fun, how about some Broken God stuff, a heart? Either way keep it up, I'm loving where this is going.I do hope I'd love to see some of SCP 1.
And Did you know that world-renowned writer Stephen King was once hit by a car? Just something to consider.
9/15 c1 zahiddreux
If Brute Force don't work it just mean you didn't use enough brute force
9/7 c4 Guest
Just to inform you, we have dudes here who survived the plot of the story from the SCP side. Kk?
9/3 c4 Trsmuted
Finally an update, you should continue this story
9/2 c4 Gumball
I love Garou.
9/2 c4 SCP 049
Where is Boros? Who is Iris?
9/2 c4 Guest
I see fanfiction's review section isn't working...again. No new reviews are showing up. This comment might show up days or even weeks later when it starts working again.
9/2 c4 1Ted Bear1
Is the Mask gonna meet Saitama? If so, what will be the reaction? Or the other SCP'Ss for that matter.
9/2 c4 Imperial Stormtrooper
LOL did Boros accidentally stumble into Star Wars Universe?
9/1 c1 fain
you stole my apple yesterday

shame on you
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