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for Love Live: Defeat the Demon Lord

23h c10 CyberAkumaTv
Without spoiling, I did not expect the DL to be that. Man, this is why Sunshine second-years are greats, still, I preferred the original second years. There is no need to apologize, I know you have other fics to work on so it's okay. I really hope Tsubasa and the rest of A-Rise are OP.
8/4 c9 CyberAkumaTv
Dear Nico, everything is fair in a battle! Rofl, the day that Yoshiko...Yohane is lucky will be the day that YohaRiko is the most popular Aqours ship and ChikaXAi become canon. Man gotta appreciate the Guilty Kiss fight. It just that the move Shadow Ball reminded me so much of Pkm. I really wonder who is the DL, oh boy.
7/25 c8 a
good fic imo, and im curious, do you plan on a chapter about when maru, maki, umi, regroup with the others? i feel it'd be interesting but its ultimately left up to you

also, i love your miniseries on this fic. its hella cute.
7/25 c8 CyberAkumaTv
Nicomaki duo never failed to amaze me in any fic, surprisingly.
So Leah is a ghost type, quite intriguing.
Damn, Riko is only you could reveal the Demon Lord name... You or Chika...
They could summon Shiitake lol, they will instantly against Riko.
Ah yeah, KananMari the NozoEli of Sunshine!
You deserved to end up with someone, well I don't care if she ends up with Chika, ChikaYou is pretty fine too. Hopefully, the Yohane fic will fit your taste. :)
7/23 c7 CyberAkumaTv
Oh boy, surprisingly Sarah is quite a strong well she is the leader of her group so it kinda makes sense. Hanayo is the ultimate earth bender killer confirmed lol. Don't worry, Nozomi, you are strong, believe in yourself! I still wonder if A-rise will appear. A Yoshi/Eli one-shot humor fic could be fun.
The author's name is Athyra and the fic in the sunshine section, it's quite old since it was published in 2017. I really the concept of dual personality Yohane/Yoshiko in that fic :)
7/17 c6 CyberAkumaTv
Lol, Riri is the avatar. Inb4 Yoshiko does use her authority and order Eli to do something... without Zuramaru interference. If there a Temple of Gluttony, there probably will be one that is greed, pride, etc.
Finally, Saint Snow appeared.
The fic that I mentioned is Yoshiko Tsushima and the Fallen Angel, Harry Potter AU.
7/9 c1 KotoUmi
otonokizaka private academy
7/9 c5 DapperSquidMan
I think you’ve been doing great so far with this story. The characters aren’t that OOC and the writing is good. I’m so glad that Eli’s okay, though.
7/8 c5 CyberAkumaTv
Man, I love these names, could be cool spells from an RPG. The Yohane/Yoshiko being two beings reminded me of a certain fic. Eli is safe yay, hopefully. I kinda understand why, like the confession scene and when they slept with each other on the train.
6/29 c4 CyberAkumaTv
Oh man, I bet Mikan is really pissed about the YouRiko wins from duo pairing. I can't wait to see if the group will figure out about the mask thing on Yohane.
6/22 c3 CyberAkumaTv
Nicely written. I’m interested to find out how they will Eli from the evil of RiRi...I mean Yohane.
6/15 c2 CyberAkumaTv
Excellent, I am curious about what kind of role, A-Rise, Saint Snow, and the rest of Aqours will have.
6/11 c1 CyberAkumaTv
I can't wait to read more. So far, it's an interesting AU.

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