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for Impossible

7/14 c25 16Hmz0975
Loved it!
Can't wait for the sequel!
7/13 c25 asuivre
Ooh bella finally appear and bonnie also riley too! I love the story so much, can't wait for the sequel!
7/10 c22 Mari Wollsch
super! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
7/9 c4 63cafeanna
I am in love with Jacob and Angela's Halloween costumes! We never got a Halloween chapter in Twilight. S Meyer missed out on all the jokes and we were robbed.
7/8 c22 Erik9322
Hola gracias por el saludo, me encanta tu historia que lastima que ya falte poco para el final .
7/8 c22 Guestdod
Lauren should'nt have lie about doing more than kissing with Jacob. I hope Angela will learn the truth.
7/7 c21 Erik9322
Me encanta esta historia , me hacen reír mucho Jessica y edward .
7/7 c20 Guest
How is she not pregnant with that demon spawn? Did Eddy use a condom? Would it even be effective?
7/6 c21 16Hmz0975
Love this story!
7/4 c3 63cafeanna
I was just thinking to myself self-self, 'wouldn't it be so cute if Angela and Jacob had another go at their love story?' and you gave it to them! I love this!

Don't feel bad about taking German Jessica! I took it for six years! It's a beautiful language!

I really love the human gang and how you write for them. They're just enjoying life and having fun. It's honestly my favorite part of writing fics (like, writing an ice cream date for Lav and Seamus). Making it real for other people. By the by, have you ever seen any of the Very Potter Musicals?
7/4 c2 cafeanna
The references are spot on. The rhinestone headband and Gerard Way callbacks have sent me!

Imagine how changed the books would be if did base main pairing of a YA series after Hamlet and Ophelia. The DRAMA. The invocation AFTER SCHOOL SPECIALS! Hell is a teenager girl, but that would have sent us straight to Tartarus!

I love seeing them react. And, Edward, just take the damn brownies. If you'll eat a slice of pizza for Bella, you can pretend to eat a brownie.
7/4 c20 16Hmz0975
I loved this chapter!
It was hilarious!
7/2 c18 asuivre
Recently found you through Equinox and after I finished reading that one, I started reading this one and I love it! I can't wait for the next chapter, I presume this will probably be longer than Equinox?
7/2 c18 Guest
She'll either be bawling her eyes out or weirdly quiet at the end of this film, I'm sure.
7/1 c17 Erik9322
Me encantó ! Actualiza rápido x favor
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