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for Morai's Call To Hope

9/16 c5 3LoricFool
Ooooh I’ve just found this and I’m so glad I did! Loving it and the possibilities it opens up. Great writing and I’m enjoying the insights to the characters
7/26 c5 Guest
You're doing it alright, I like the way you show the many dark emotions Anakin has acumulated over the years and his strugle to get past them. Enough said I still think he was able to do an ability for the first time very quickly insted of falling some times.
7/21 c5 Junk100
Really good chapter waiting to see Obi- Wan and Yoda’s reaction with Anakin Back.
7/21 c5 Ig090700
The chapters great keep it up. looking forward to the next update.
6/26 c4 Bella-swan11
Ashoka you need to find Obi - Wan to know what happened to Anakin and Padme, because this is what changing the past, present the future for the galaxy is all about. The rebellion needs to get to know this, this is the hope they were looking for because if Anakin returns to the past having the knowledge of all traitors and conspiracies; You can stop him by asking for the help of the Jedi and the senators who would be in the rebellion in the future.
6/24 c4 2AugustRrush
Awesome chapter and I look forward to the next one.
6/23 c3 18Pink ranger 13
It’s a great story
6/19 c3 2AugustRrush
Awesome chapter and I can't wait for the next one.
6/19 c3 TaitanoRules555
Did Rex punched anakin in the throat?
6/18 c2 AugustRrush
This is an interesting story so far and I look forward to reading more of it.
6/17 c2 5lindz4567
Can this continue? Its good so far and it’s different from so many.
6/15 c2 TaitanoRules555
I wish you were more descriptive with the fight (no offense) and I hope you still continue with this story.
6/15 c1 TaitanoRules555
Ok I’m interested.
6/15 c2 17readerofgoodfanfiction
Oh Holy Manure, I am thinking alternate timelines where Vader still exist where Anakin is now...this is going to be interesting.
6/15 c2 Bella-swan11
Ashoka this changes everything, Anakin can help the rebellion to win the war against the empire; You can also change the past even if you have to discover that you became Darth Vader. It is a hypothesis, but perhaps if when you return to the past knowing what is going to happen, you can change this horrible future; now they need to find Obi - Wan he will know why the other Anakin fell to the dark side.
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