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7/4 c16 BlerBlerBler
Such a sweet chapter... Frary fluffiness !
And yes to all your plans for this story!
7/4 c15 elder441
I loved this and can't wait for the adorable after moments !
7/3 c15 40CalvinHobbesGatsby
Hopefully Francis and Mary will tie the knot at some point.
7/3 c15 BlerBlerBler
Ohh I love them!
7/2 c14 CalvinHobbesGatsby
I love this chapter. The truth is that I’m a sucker for romance.
7/1 c13 CalvinHobbesGatsby
This story is wonderful. I usually don’t like modern AU’s, but I’ll give you credit, your story actually works. Nice job.
6/30 c12 elder441
I am really enjoying this ! I am not sure what you have been seeing on Tumblir, but I think you are an amazing writer.
6/30 c12 BlerBlerBler
First of all... amazing chapter! They are so cute and you can sense the feelings are deep!

Second... about your author note... I always say that the reign writers sabotaged their own creation because they got scared of how powerful it turn to be... I mean... why on earth you would put Frary through that kind of sh*t ?! The writers were their own worst enemies ... that’s why the fan fiction world is so satisfying for us... so thank you for your creativity !
6/30 c12 CalvinHobbesGatsby
I love how you write Francis and Mary. You have their characters down pat :)
6/26 c11 CalvinHobbesGatsby
I am really loving this story so far. You write the characters so well. I started watching Reign about a month ago and Adelaide is Amazing as Mary. I can’t wait for the next update
6/24 c10 33MartyrsMistress
really cute, I'm loving this story so far!
6/24 c10 BlerBlerBler
I really like this supporting Francis!
6/24 c10 elder441
Loving this !
6/22 c9 elder441
This was so sweet and sad. Stirling was a great dog.
6/22 c9 MartyrsMistress
awh, sterling! My heart broke, poor mary but I'm so glad she has Francis to help her through it
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