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for Pokemon: UnOrdinary

8/30 c19 8RaZZeBoi
Almost finished with the book! Sequel will be out later
8/20 c1 2Dragon King Ryouga
So Ash has an extreme version of John's ability.
6/19 c1 5Rakuyouu
Looking forward to it. I'm a regular reader of UnOrdinary too. I'm looking forward to read it.
6/18 c9 thor94
damn, when you plan ash finally outreach arceus power and make the ungrateful bastard llama pay?
6/14 c7 thor94
do you plan ash copy everyone abilities too and become as strong or even stronger than john?
6/14 c4 thor94
hope you plan at a moment of the story to have ash growing his ability to 11/10, go to arceus, kick his ass, rob his power and turn him into the pokemon version of a cripple (means into a powerless but fancy basic llama) for being an ungrateful bastard asshole to ash for years.
6/14 c1 thor94
a question:
Why arceus punish Ash?
Because he won that poor district tournament like of Alola league instead of following the usual path of eternal loser? (ps: don't say that so called league with barely 5 decent experienced trainers and no subscription requirement or full battle can compare to any former regional league)
6/13 c1 JohnxSeraphina22
Nice chapter, but I have two story ideas for you. One where John gets amnesia, the other one where the whole Pokegang go to the world, but much later after the Joker

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