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7/10 c2 5Smthnborrowediamblue
It was a good story, but unrealistic. I mean why would Mel be that mad at Daphne? She has no motive, she holds no contempt against Daphne, and in the series itself, she seems to treat her like she would treat anyone else. I also don’t think she would be mad to go to a bridal shower . She isn’t aware of Niles’ feelings for Daphne, but she knows how much daphne means to Niles.
6/19 c2 751Kristen3
This is very sweet (pardon the pun)! I'm glad Daphne left Donny and Niles left Mel. Neither was happy. And I love that Frasier and Martin were supportive.
6/13 c1 Kristen3
I love the references to Niles and Daphne's previous interactions, especially "First Date"! Daphne has a right to be nervous about what's coming, but she doesn't even know the half of it! Can't wait to see where this goes. :)
6/13 c2 SereniteRose
Loved this new story thanks ever so much

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