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for Unsteady House of Anubis Fanfiction (Season 2)

23h c63 1Maricate
aw, poor cam! Victor dissapointed in her really affectced her! But the comedy here is on point, and as always you never fail to leave me wanting more! Also i put in a EXACTLY! after fabian asked what does that even mean, just made me laugh some more!
9/23 c61 Maricate
great chapter! I'm wondering when eddie is found out? All i know is that he was in cohoots with the others before sibuna, and i really want to hear your cam's reaction. well read not hear but you get me... i assume.
9/23 c60 Maricate
loved this chapter!
9/21 c59 Maricate
Damn! Camila is scary! Great chapter! Poor eddie, he doesn't even realize, i hope he and patricia dont end things. and poor amber! AND JAMILLA IS DEFINITELY ENDGAME! if they're not, then im just gonna keep on pretending like they are! stubborn me has come to the surface! Can't wait for the next update!
9/21 c58 Maricate
awww, how cute those two! i love how cammie just always has some boy's jumper, doesn't even matter whose it is. And eddie and patricia, she should just tell him! Although not really sure the whole alfie thing. he's not exactly my favorite character. hime, joy and mara are my least liked.
9/15 c57 Maricate
i remember something about trudy being kidnapped, but not which season, is this it? good chapter btws
9/15 c56 Maricate
lotta harm if patricia is anything to go by. poor eddie is gonna get so confused!
9/14 c55 Maricate
patricia has a twin!? I never saw the second season so wow, thisi is too exciting, I did see the first and wasn't dissapointed at how you wrote that one it was pretty close to whathappened in the actual show, so im assuming this one is too, but anyways, great! just had to comment! Don't take too long to update, even though you never do!
9/14 c54 Maricate
wonder what this bond of old is
9/14 c53 Maricate
awww! that bubbly feeling of the cutsyness between cam and jerome! love it! forget Fabina! Jamilla all the way!
9/11 c52 Maricate
oh that ending paragraph was too much! soo cute! i am loving the eddie/cammie friendship, like really loving it!
9/11 c51 Maricate
woah! poor alfie.
8/25 c50 Maricate
Aahhhh! BIG CLIFFIE, I HATE IT. JK I love it, it's too good. When I went to read on and saw the next chapter not up I got the edge of the seat feeling I always do with good stories leaving on cliffies. But now I have to wait for it and the wait literally kills me it drags on for soooooo long. I might eggsagerate a bit, but that's just me talking in hyperbole. Well typing really, but you get the point.
8/25 c49 Maricate
Aahhh I need to read Jerome's reaction to everything now! And him 'officially meeting' camilla's protector/guardian and all that jazz. Anyways on to the next chapter!
8/21 c47 Maricate
What happened on her walk back to anubis house? Cheeky of you the whole victor/vera/camilla thingy with pretending. And also cam and eddie are so adorbs together they're like siblings;) anyways, keep on writing! Its sooo good
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