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for The Last Man in the World

8/10 c19 Guest
thank you for this story, you are one of my favorite authors and I read all your fictions
7/15 c19 Delbert59
Really enjoyed your story
7/3 c19 mrs.georgeweasley87
This was such a lovely story. I didn't think I would enjoy nearly as much as I did! I really liked how everyone got their happily ever after. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
4/2 c1 imlovinfanfic
Wow, Mr. Bingley didn't take any responsibility whatsoever for his own choices. He laid way to much blame on Mr. Darcy for his situation. He wasn't physically forced to leave Jane. He ultimately still chose to leave and break off contact without any communication with her. He's easily lead and somewhat spinless.
1/10 c19 BingleyCrosby
I really enjoyed this story. Thank you for sharing.
11/26/2022 c19 Guest
11/26/2022 c6 Guest
Finalement le baron ach├Ęte sa femme pour ses filles ipochrisie d' elisab
8/22/2022 c19 1reisova
Nice story
6/25/2022 c19 Dai5ycake
at the end of the story you talk about William's two sisters even though he has four. I assume you are talking about his two older sisters but I just thought that I'd point out that all the kids Darcy had with Elizabeth would be William's brothers and sisters. So if I read everything correctly. He has two older half sisters on his father's side, two younger half brothers on his mother's side and two younger half sisters also on his mother's side.
6/23/2022 c19 DoraC
Oh dear me I'm not sure how I missed out on reading this wonderful story that you've written . What a lovely journey that you've taken us through.
The whole journey that you've taken Lizzy on was so awesome to read . Her practical approach to get married to Lord H and then ultimately to the love of her life was a pleasure to read. The best part was her love for Lord H's little girls .
It was good to read how decisive Darcy was once he reconnected with Elizabeth once he was sure that she no longer despised him . He was very proactive in his approach leaving no room for doubt . The two years separation had a good effect on both Lizzy and Darcy.
Also the way you've molded the rest of the characters with Charles being firm and later forgiving his sibling was a good note as we all make mistakes . To see all the Bennett sisters finding their HEA was really satisfying . Last but not the least Earl of Matlock gets a loud shout out for supporting Darcy achieve his dream wife .
Hope you read this review . Anyways hope you write more ad you are a wonderful author . Thanks for sharing this wonderful fanfiction . Keep smiling and writing :-).
4/29/2022 c19 Malous66
This was a great story! I really enjoyed it and thank you for writing it!
3/17/2022 c19 MelodieMLB
I really enjoyed your story! Thank you very much for sharing it.
3/17/2022 c11 MelodieMLB
Thank you so much!
3/17/2022 c9 MelodieMLB
I'm enjoying this tremendously. Thank you so much for your lovely story.
3/17/2022 c7 MelodieMLB
Excellent writing. I'm really enjoying your story!
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