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10/22 c9 seascapephil
Another wonderful chapter. Is the penny dropping at last?! Can't wait for the next one as Robert begins to realize Lizzie is interested in him.
10/21 c9 Guest
And in case you’ve forgotten: you implied during his doctor’s appointment that we’d get a singing Romano scene...
10/21 c9 Guest
Wow! Happy Wednesday to all of us Rockettes! What an excellent chapter.! As someone else has said the pacing is really believable. So let’s not get to the end too soon. We need more Susan and more Ella first. Glad to see Gretel make an appearance, though! Im pleased to see both of E and R in such a good place... it will be nice to see them in that good place TOGETHER soon.
10/21 c9 FitzyMary
"Moonshine"! So Romano. Another great chapter!
10/21 c9 FFreader22
I really enjoy the sibling banter between Robert and Tess, it reminds me of my own relationship with my brothers! Elizabeth putting her ring away for Ella was very sweet. can you get Susan to have a word with Robert, like she did with Elizabeth? praying for more rain as I can't wait for more.
10/21 c9 1IlikebigficsandIcannotlie
I had completely forgotten about Dr. Dorset and love how you had Robert handle him! It was perfect. It's wonderful to see how Robert is doing in therapy and that he can still be a clueless man when it comes to Elizabeth, complete with the self-flagellating runs. Very happy to see an update, impatiently waiting for more. See you Sunday!
10/20 c8 Guest
Could we have a midweek update tomorrow? I need my fix of House of Cards Cordano style!
10/18 c8 Natalie
Impatiently waiting for an update. I know you're busy but this is so good. Maybe a mid week surprise?
- Nat
10/16 c8 2BBIRedDi
Ooooo lots of introspection here! First, I loved the intro with the tik-tok - sets the mood well for this chapter. Second, I love Susan's ease and friendship for our stubborn Lizzie. She gets the info she needs and really clears things up that Elizabeth refuses to examine. Third: TAI CHI ROCKET! Nuff said. In short, I feel like this was a much-needed clarification/consult for Lizzie because she does refuse to get introspective unless prodded. And what a truth for her to realize: she'd better make a move before someone else does! Bravo...excited to read more!
10/14 c8 seascapephil
Love the new development and the way you are carrying this over time makes it so believable. Praying for more rain so you can write more!
10/14 c8 Guest
And I know that you don’t exactly take requests but I’d love to see the scene where Robert talks to his sister about why he’s spending less time with Elizabeth... What’s going on in that bald head of his right now?
10/14 c8 Guest
Yep, Lizzie! There you have it! You’d better snap him up before someone else does! But please don’t end this too quickly, RL! 2 more chapters at least before you get back to Philadelphia! And cheers for the mid week pick me up! Very needed and appreciated!
10/14 c8 FitzyMary
Angry Lizzy is a force to be reckoned with! Love the development and can't wait to see how she acts on it!
10/14 c8 1IlikebigficsandIcannotlie
Ahhhhhh. I'm at work and I can't fan girl around on set! I need more! So happy to see Elizabeth finally coming to her senses, because yes, someone will notice him! Yay midweek updates!
10/14 c8 FFreader22
Thank you for the rain and Susan Lewis! Can't wait to see Robert's reaction.
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