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for Super Mario Brothers: Origin Of Heroes

6/22 c40 Guest
Can you have wisps in the sonic/Kirby crossover, I'd like to see Kirby inhale a wisp
6/21 c40 6GlowingGem
Woo! That was really one heck of a finale! But man... You can't help but feel bad for Arkness. He believes he had lost both his children in a single day, imagine how any parent would feel after that...
Okay, so Arkness definitely didn't go as far as that other guy did, but still. Pretty devastating. And speaking of the other guy, I see some foreshadowing for some later stories! Oooh! So excited! You really outdid yourself with this one T.D. looking forward to season 6!
6/21 c40 Owyn Ross
Okay, so that's where Marco & Loewy's father's sword is resting after a thousand years. That's the end of Season 5. Next up is Season 6, starting with "Mario & Luigi: Double Jam", which will be coming soon.
6/20 c40 14FireFlamerx9z
This was awesome. I loved seeing how the team came together.
6/20 c40 58Tiger Of Darkness
Thank you everyone who follows my fanfiction series! This was by far the most difficult story for me to finish yet, but I hope it was worth it. But this won't the the last you'll hear from Marco and Loewy. In fact, I hinted out two other stories I plan to write later involving them. Also, Marco and Loewy will be featured in my season six starter. But to those that still want to leave requests, I'm opening requests again. I just didn't want story requests interfering with me building up to this prequel of mind since I wanted to reveal the members of the original Super Mario Brothers' Team before I told their story. Thank you all for reading this grand masterpiece of mine!
6/20 c39 Owyn Ross
So that's what Perfect Tabuu is like before the Season 6 Finale. Well, you're gonna have to ask someone to draw a picture of Perfect Tabuu, and pictures of Slicor Koopa and his teammates (except for Demise whose artwork is already official and Medusa as she's a goddess already), and Marco & Loewy Mario and their teammates. Can't be me, since I suggested it. My drawing skills are most likely dull and rusty by now.
6/20 c37 Owyn Ross
And that explains why Tabuu wanted revenge on the Mushroom Kingdom; it was for Lisa, and the very core reason why Tabuu wanted Mario dead.
6/19 c36 6GlowingGem
Sure. Whatever you need to tell yourself Silcor...
6/19 c33 GlowingGem
Oooh, I had goosebumps when reading this chapter! So good! Looks like Kimberly has tapped into a hidden reservoir of power deep within her, and saved Jayx from a terrible fate. And someone has gotten a hint that she's alive.
6/19 c36 Owyn Ross
Imagine if Slicor and his team found out that Kyrin is helping out Marco and his team?
6/19 c35 Owyn Ross
Well, Tabuu's finally lost his patience.
6/19 c31 Owyn Ross
Well, that's one family reunion Simba didn't have in mind. But Bruce will rest in peace now that he is free from the pain and suffering he had from being under Tabuu's control.
6/18 c30 Owyn Ross
So that's when Slicor got the idea of forming his own team.
6/18 c29 31GreenSwitch
Poor Lisa... poor poor Lisa...

Also, I can’t help but notice that Arkness looks really similar to Arkeyan. Maybe it’s just me and my love for Skylanders, but was Arkness’s name partially based off the Arkeyans? I understand if it isn’t based on that, I just couldn’t help but draw similarities.
6/18 c29 6GlowingGem
So that's the story behind Lisa. And what makes her story even more tragic is that, stuff like the paranoia of "Witchcraft" actually existed in the past! (Still does, sadly...). It's really depressing to see people just throw away their common sense in exchange for fear and ignorance. It's easy to see why there are those who have a low opinion on humanity.

I guess whatever happened to Tabuu in seclusion, turned him into the very thing he vowed to destroy! Heck! He even started hiring the kind of people he vowed to destroy! (Probably so he could get satisfaction in making them suffer or killing them later, but I digress.)
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