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6/20/2020 c1 Disney Boy
This is a pretty interesting story you got going on here. Universal travel is going to be a big adev for the Duck twins.
6/16/2020 c1 17riverajocabed1
This was just the prologue? It was intense! Is this a theater show right now? Where's my popcorn! Awe Donald only trusts Della to pilot the plane. That's so sweet even when he doesn't want to admit it. Cute sibling love. Honestly, this makes me a bit sad. I was supposed to have a twin brother but he never made it through pregnancy. My sister likes to tease me saying I could've been his Della and he could've been my Donald. Even when I never got to meet him or talk to him, I still imagine what my life would be like with him. So it makes my heart swell up so much to see people write Donald and Della so close like this. Shows a lot of love and what being siblings/twins can be a positive experience.

And I guess Della is a good flyer here. XD. The show portrays her flying as bumpy. And Scrooge giving them advice on how to be siblings is just darn cute. Shows he really values family above treasure.

"Oh, I'm sorry", Della snarked back, her anger responding to his, "If only I had control over where I landed! Oh, wait, I did not! So, don't you shout at me!" Chill Della. XD. I gotta say you have her down when it comes to past Della. Good choice with sticking with the past. Jordan and I have to come up with mature and grown up Della cause our stories are set in the future.

I gotta say, you have very well written description. Love it! Description for me is a lot of fun. Dialog is a challenge for me but you handle it a lot better than I do. You made some if scenes sound like they were in an escape room which I love. Is the color purple going to be important in this story? Like do we need to look at every little detail cause they're going to add up to something huge later? Or is that just me?

Well, I'm in love with this story and looking forward to seeing more. Keep this up and you'll be the Prince of Ducks. We already have a King, Queen and I say it's safe to say Giddy has the Princess crown. Good luck Dalek! We believe in you. Thanks for the shout out too! It's very nice of you.


I'M GOING TO MAKE YOU SUCK THE CRUCHES I MIGHT GET SOON! DARN IT JORDAN! THE ONLY REASON YOU BEAT ME IS CAUSE I MIGHT HAVE TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL SOON! If you weren't so tall I would snatch your duck crown and beat you to the ground with it! You're sleeping on the coach for a week! Seriously though, I hit my knee and now I can't even walk right. It hurts real bad. But here I am, crawling, waddling, hopping, whatever I have to do to get to my phone upstairs.
6/16/2020 c1 14therealjordan23
Thank you for the shoutout Dalek, I love you! Guys, we’ve literally been BEGGING for Dalek to write a story, like on our knees begging XDD. AND LMAO, THANK GOD FOR THE AUSSIE ENGLISH, FINALLY SOMEONE WHO WRITES IN BRITISH/CANADIAN ENGLISH. YOU KNOW HOW TRIGGERING IT IS, WATCHING SOMEONE WRITE “HONOUR” WITHOUT THE ‘U’?!

First off, AMAZING story! XD that bit about Donald not admitting he’d trust Della at the controls is such a sibling thing! This actually sounds like an episode for DuckTales. I like the idea to focus on the prequel (will it be for only this chapter?) of the show rather than present time! One Thing Leads to Another is a story that focuses on an alternate reality in the FUTURE. Don’t Back Down Again is set in the FUTURE with small flashbacks from the past. DCOR, your story, is set in the PAST. So, you included, the three of us don’t like sticking to the present time in the show XDDD. It's nice to see that :))

Dalek, you are an amazing writer, and you’ve proven that countless times to me, especially when you had the guts to first PM me about your idea of Reaper, and even more so when you wrote chapter 46 of OTLTA :) So, do not let anyone get in your way, and be confident in writing, and last of all, take your time! You don’t need to update every other day like me, or once a week like Jo. Remember, take care of yourself, and always write this story because you WANT to, not HAVE to. It’s another issue I’ve seen with authors I’ve mentored and worked with, and it’s something I’m struggling with right now. So, be happy, and always use writing as a stress reliever :)

Only suggestion is to watch your quotations! It’s one of your minor weaknesses :) Don’t worry, I suck at commas and past and present tenses, we all have our flaws :)


I REVIEWED FIRST, SUCK IT JOCABED! (I’m kidding, I love you!)

Can’t wait for the next one :)

—Jordan :D

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