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9/4 c44 clairecalmels
Hi! First I want to say that English is not my native language, but I hope that my comment can be read and understood in a good way. First of all, I want to say that I really like the way you write and the way you develop the characters and the story is fascinating. I am very invested in this story, but I need to tell you that I find this chapter anything but sweet, I found it cruel.
Second, Hermione will always be Lily Evans' post-crush.
I found it really distasteful for James to do that show, in a real situation that would make the boyfriends really uncomfortable, especially the husband, Severus had a reasonable reaction, but Lily is understood as flattered, that situation happening with your boyfriend's best friend is just wrong. That makes a lot of sense with Hermione still not being able to say I love you to James, James may be "in love" with her, but if you look at the whole relationship between them throughout the story, there's nothing that really makes a connection between them. them, it's a relationship without depth, without a real foundation and hermione doesn't really love him either, she likes him a lot, but she doubts, for harry, for his existence. Because Hermione Granger knew that Harry was born from a great love story, from fairy tales, from a James who deeply loved a Lily, and Hermione Pettigrew knows it too (and in fact on the wedding day in this chapter, that fact was present, was named and shouted to everyone in the room, and then sang the song that Hermione taught James, to make Evans fall in love). It was quite a painful chapter to read really.
8/3 c57 Rtaras2020
Brilliantly done. Very well written and thought out. Beautifully done story
7/14 c12 limstephanie01
this irritates me. why does do you make her act like what Sirius did didn't put her almost to death. she should be making berating them hard and making them see the consequences of their action! damn irritating.
7/13 c57 4hauntedpumpkin56
I loved this story! It was really well written. I’ll be reading more of your work now for sure.
6/21 c57 Guest
Just read the entire fic I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE Amazing writing and plot and storyline and characters and everything
6/22 c57 TheBansheeofGallifrey
I burst in to tears at the very end. This was one hell of a story! Loved every minute of it. Thanks for writing : )
6/17 c57 RofanAmante
Fue una historia absolutamente hermosa. Muchísimas gracias por compartirla con todos nosotros. Me concentré tanto en ella, que no pude evitar llorar en los últimos capítulos.
Fue absolutamente perfecta, ama la caracterización de todos los personajes y ver ese nuevo lado de Sev, Peter y Regulus. No podía haber pedido nada mejor.
Te deseo muchas bendiciones y estaré atenta a mas historias.
4/17 c57 cherrystorm0420
I read this story a million times! It is my absolute FAVORITE story!
4/1 c57 Guest
I was really hopeful when this was recommended as a good peter story. I hope you rework it sometime. This has a lot of potential but it seems you have 4 characterizations and very little to differentiate between various characters, for example you write lily and hermione exactly the same. Often characters were told something "for the first time" they had been told in previous chapters. Your pronouns also sometimes switched mid-sentence. I'm sorry, that's a lot of constructive criticism. I'd be interested to read more of a backstory on Anya. There's some good oc omake potential there if you flesh that out.
3/18 c57 2SandraOfGreenGables
I reread this whenever I need a good cry. I can’t tell you how much I love the work you put into this. This Hermione is nothing short of amazing and even through her faults I just want her to be as happy as she can. James Potter is nothing short of perfect- even as arrogant as he is. I love this and am so glad I’m able to read it again and again.
3/8 c32 21Lily Jem
this is definitely NOT the fiest time I read this story but I never noticed the car before. Is it a reference to Supernatural ?
2/4 c57 nif-ravenpuff
OMG, this story was so incredibly well told! I was riding the emotions the whole way through. I couldn’t blame this Hermione for trying so hard to stick to JP-LE because I too was haunted by green-eyed Harry’s parting words the entire time. Beautiful ending too. Extremely talented writer!
2/2 c9 Leticia20Paixo
Hermione, de certa forma, já mudou o futuro. Então porque não avisa Dumbledore sobre as horcrux? E tomara que ela salve o Régulus.
12/4/2022 c57 1Siloe T
I really loved this story ! I've just finish to reread it and I must say that's one of my favorite fic of all time.
The only thing that's bothering me it's that I'm french and I dreamed of translate this story before seeing in your profile that you won't allow any translation anymore. If you change your mind, let me know...

11/26/2022 c57 Lmx3108
Oh, I loved this story. Your characters are just so easy to fall in love with and the story was so well-written. Thank you!
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