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1/23 c1 4LadyLunaTwilight
Very well written! Great story! Once I started reading I couldn't stop. Almost pulled an all-nighter. :)
1/17 c30 dixie326
It never even occurred to me that Hermione would be doing anything but trying to protect Harry's chance at a happy life. From the time she was just 12 years old, her main focus was to keep Harry safe. I wouldn't have expected her to get past that any time soon. I'm glad that she didn't get completely past it until Lily and Severus got engaged and Harry's possible existence was out of her control (she could've controlled her relationship with James but not Lily's relationship with Severus).
1/16 c57 7malpal
Wow. I haven't written a review in years. I don't get time to read as much anymore. And I very rarely finish stories because they don't hold my attention. But this story I read in a few days. You did a beautiful job. You had me invested from the very beginning. And what's important is that you strung it out, just enough for me to not be frustrated but wanting to know what will happen next. You fleshed out the characters and made them feel real. I could connect with Hermione. With her relationship to James. And I loved how Hermione Granger was like an extra character. Both a part of Hermione Pettigrew and separate. You did an amazing job. I don't often get emotionally invested in a fanfiction piece but I couldn't help it. I would love to read more from you. Including that Hermione and Regulus story you may have hinted at.
1/13 c48 aklarsen94
Yes I am still here reading, and YES I STILL LOVE THIS STORY WITH ALL MY HEART. When Hermione and James had their engagement night, I thought I was going to burst with giddy happiness. Then came this pregnancy chapter (which I *knew* would happen- I caught your lack of mentioning a contraceptive!). Honestly, you truly do have a gift for this and Hero of the Story is one of the very best fan fics I have ever read. Just bracing my heart now for heartbreak which I am sure is to probably come! Ahhhh! I just want James and Hermione to live happily with their baby, and Lily and Sev to have the same! Seriously, thank you for this wonderful story! I don't want it to end!
1/4 c57 16Lily Jem
Oooookay I finally finished this story xD

So ! First, I have to say that I'm terribly disappointed for RegulusI wished that James didn't make it and Hermione and Regulus could be together aha I'm sad to see him not completely happy after all.

Otherwise, the story was great and I really enjoyed it ! I totally understand the struggle for Hermione to let her version of Harry go. He died on her previous timeline so it's only logical that he couldn't be with her and she obviously missed him. Now he will have a happy life ! I also greatly enjoy that version of Peter. It's good to see that he can be good after all. I still don't like James, because the bullying and so, but his realistion of his feel8ngs for Hermione was so cute and realistic ! You did a very good job.

Thank you very much for this nice fix-it story
1/2 c25 2dyslexic penquin
I am being patient. Though, damn Hermione. The potion promised you a different reality. You’re willing to help change Peter’s fate, Snape’s fate, and Regulus’s? Why do Lily and James have to have the same fate? Even if they got together, that Harry, would never be your Harry. Geez.
1/2 c57 PCB
This was so wonderful, I cried my eyes out and laughed and it was just amazing
Thank you
12/30/2020 c57 1tvdcrazyfan
I binge read your book in a day and I have to say this is such a wonderful book I really love the pair James and Hermione and your book is so so awesome.
12/30/2020 c25 NathyRibeiro
I know Hermione wants Harry to be born, but good God. You made her so stupid about this. Her being there already changed tons of things, besides, she already changed Peter a lot. It's frustrating and stupid, this always happens in time travel fics, but this one takes the cake. Is she going to be like this till the end of the story? She's now trying to help Regulus, doesn't she think this would change tons of things?

"Oh but Harry..." Harry nothing, he told her to be happy, but she only studies, like she wasn't already like that in her past life. She could've been more laid back here, since she spent so much time running from death eaters and Voldemort. She hasn't even dated anyone. She could play her guitar more, since that's a cool thing, but you showed her doing that just one time, and that time wasn't even for leisure.
12/27/2020 c7 aklarsen94
Wow, I just have to say that I really really REALLY love this story so far! As a diehard Jily fan, I never expected to start reading (& enjoying) a fic that paired James with anyone else. BOY am I glad I started reading yours! I love how you have portrayed each of the young Marauders, Snape, and Lily thus far, and Peter's family/no friends backstory is truly tragic and wonderful and frankly could be canon (& thus help to explain why he did what he eventually did, etc.). Your portrayal of Lily is just spot on with how I've imagined her, and I am genuinely excited to see how James falls for Hermione after his revelation in this chapter! (Honestly, when I first started reading the lead-in to his "discovery," I truly did expect you to write that it was Hermione! Gosh I am just so excited to keep reading and find out how you've woven this all together! Thank you for publishing this fun, original piece. Keep writing!
12/21/2020 c57 13lorbie05
Words can't not describe how much I loved this story. It was so fing good! Seriously. Fantastic job!
12/19/2020 c57 szabo.alexandra1991
well shit, I just finished this masterpiece and ugly crying instead of wrapping the Christmas presents. it was amazing and captivating I couldn't put it down. Thank you for this story. Virtual hug
12/18/2020 c57 Pygmy Hippo
Ack simply amazing!
12/18/2020 c56 Pygmy Hippo
Absolutely brilliant! So wasn’t expecting that to be Peter’s role! But I love it! Such an amazing story! So well written and thought out! Thanks for taking the time!
12/18/2020 c51 Pygmy Hippo
Is it strange that the thing that bothered me most so far about the story was that Hermione speaks of her past future in the future tense implying it still will happen... I think it’s pretty strange but every time I read it I want to wring her neck and shout, “YOU’VE ALREADY CHANGED THINGS!” ...I know I’m way too invested
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