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5/17 c28 53mrsProbie
I had a tough time sleeping last night and was up reading this until 5amwhen I finally fell asleep, I was so grumpy with Hermione for being so hesitant (not grumpy with you, though; I can spot character work hahaha). I caught a few hours’ sleep and have been reading this again over my first cup of coffee, and oh my GOD this is so fluffy I may die! I love it! (Hoping you’re well, I know this was posted and completed during pandemic)
5/13 c57 SilverleafShadow
Thank you so much for writing this... I love rare James Potter pairings and indeed they are so hard to find. Especially good ones. This was beautiful and I loved it so much. You've made my crush on James worse I'm afraid. Lol I'll be waiting to read any future stories you come up with
5/8 c57 1OhLookItsAHumanPerson
I’ve never read a story with Hermione and James as a pairing. Never had the interest, seemed like it would erase Harry so it didn’t seem like a great idea. But holy crap this is hands down the best FanFiction I have ever read and I’m so glad I did. Incredible, so unique and clever, I loved it!
4/30 c29 Amalia Testinala
I really want jealous James
4/26 c57 17Lafanenretard
Truth be told I can't remember how I found your story but I'm so glad I did. Your work truly amaze me. I am stunned because you wrote such a great and intelligent story in only five month. I couldn't have done it so congratulations !
I read your story in one day, I couldn't stop myself. I tried to stop and concentrate on my studies but I just wanted to know what was going to happen. I'm usually known for my patience but sometimes, when I read I lose myself in the story and it happened again here. I couldn't even stop after every chapter to post a review. So impatient.
I love what you did with those characters. I perfectly understand the trauma of Hermione, I love James and his awesomeness. Lily, Severus, Sirius and Remus are great friends. Peter and Regelus are true heroes.
Your writing is great and easy to read.
I know that I'll Always remember this story, even in a few years.
Thank you for sharing it with us.
4/23 c3 DriftingView
I am really really glad my friend suggested this. Your way of writing, the unfolding of the events of the story, even the change the though process, everything is spot on! And the story line though has the cliched back in time is a breath of fresh air! All I can say is, I love it! I love you! I look forward to reading it all!
4/21 c30 Mantharie81
The last paragraph broke my heart so much. I was sad, and totally got Hermione's devastation, but that last paragraph surprised great wracking sobs out of me. I went from "Awe, Hermione," to "Wahhhhhh!" in seconds.
4/20 c57 26tlyxor1
A lovely story. Spent all night reading it. Thanks for writing. -t.
4/20 c57 sonyaalonex
This whole story was absolutely amazing. I rarely leave reviews bc I get embarrassed and dont have much to say but this was fantastic. Just a lovely story from a brilliant idea and I cried and laughed and now I'm so sad to say goodbye to your versions of these characters.
4/18 c57 LibraOfSlytherin
this was great. I literally couldnt put it down. I had to find a way to read it any chance I got. <3
4/17 c57 rosetteonna
im not crying! no nooo. waaa my tears won't stop!
the story is beautiful! I really want that kind of ending! THANK YOU
4/16 c28 LibraOfSlytherin
4/16 c53 lyricalmiracle
bro you can't just... you can't just take an INTEGRAL PART OF THE STORY and tweak it to suit your fancy? i love the plot of this fic, but the execution, the characters, everything else... meh. if you were tired writing it, why didn't you get another beta or just hand the story to someone else? the story wasn't great to begin with- characters weren't very developed/out of sync with their book counterparts (the only exceptions being Sirius and Regulus) and made decisions i still fail to understand. in addition, there are a bunch of plot holes that were kind of messily patched over (such as hermione inconsistently remembering some things from her past; i would have liked to see her be aware the knowledge was fading as she grew older) and hermione's character could have handled the situation so much better. i understand that she was alone and unsure and things were hard, but she's the Brightest Witch of her Age for a reason, and knowing her, she should have just considered from the start that her presence alone means things are already irreversibly different, and that it already jeopardizes Harry's presence regardless. and the grammar in this fic makes me want to cry. thats it. thats all i have to say. ive read this fic twice now and that is every single thing i have to say about it. like i said, good plot, but shitty execution. tyvm bye
4/15 c15 LibraOfSlytherin
I dont really ship Snily (mainly bc I dont like Lily in canon) but the way you've written them is so beautiful. I can't help but root for them.
4/15 c14 LibraOfSlytherin
lmao when Hermione told Mr and Mrs Potter to "practice some distancing" my brain automatically replaced it to "practice social distancing". We have been in this panoramic far too long smh
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