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2/28/2021 c57 Mlle.Bibliothecaire
This whole story was wonderful! I loved all of your characterizationsespecially Peter. Well done!
2/21/2021 c15 Guest
I must say this is a delightful read and I can’t believe how fast you’ve written this. It’s so good, and I’m only just beginning.
Thank you so much for all your dedication and time you have put into this!
2/21/2021 c57 toochierolls
I cried. This is beautiful.
2/19/2021 c57 4Sasha404
Just left kudos and comments on AO3, but I’m more of a girl so came over here to review and save as well. Honestly a brilliant story you’ve written! And so quickly as well ! You should be very proud of yourself
2/9/2021 c57 LujanTargaryen97
I loved this story I swear to you and I couldn't stop reading. I love James and Hermione, and I am happy that they all had their happy ending.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

PS: even though he was supposed to be a James / Hermione there were times when he wished Regulus would show up and I must admit he stole my heart (hopefully you can write a fic about him and his own happy ending next to some witch who loves him as much as they love each other James and Hermione)

Greetings from Argentina
2/9/2021 c57 Devjor
Wow! This was fantastic!
2/8/2021 c39 Devjor made me cry.
This story...all the feels.
2/6/2021 c57 myrnjw
Thank you so much for this beautiful story, I am in awe... Not an inch of character shaming and the development of each characters are just beautifully written. I love every inch of your story honestly, I am a big Dramione fan myself but this.. this is just lovely. I love it so much, thank you ️
2/2/2021 c20 misadventure girl
I'm a little confused about Sev's reaction to the TV and still pictures because it's known he is a half-blood and grew up in a muggle neighborhood. It's even mentioned in previous chapters. Just seems a bit conflicting with the storyline.
2/1/2021 c57 aklarsen94
Okay so I *finally* finished this story and I still absolutely LOVE it. What a beautiful ending. Thank you again for this gem! You've officially made me a Jamione shipper! :)
1/28/2021 c57 Rosh5
I’m so happy your wrote this and so sad that it’s over! James and Hermione is now my new fav rare-pair.

I loved the AU as wellthe fact that Lily and Snape got together was done in such a believable way. And Peterwhat a redemption arc! Well not really redemption because he’s not the old Peter. But still, in this story he was my fav Marauder!
1/26/2021 c57 simmingdae
such a heartwarming end this story just gave me the exact feeling i get whenever i have chicken soup. comforting . i love peter in this story! i always wanted some redemption for him, though i get why he didn't.

this fic os probably my fave jpxhg story i've read since the storm of yesterday. also you just made me crave hgxrab fics bc the chemistry between them is so well done in this fic. made me kinda hope they got together even though i adore james and hermione.
1/25/2021 c57 2TheDells
i really enjoyed reading this
1/23/2021 c1 4LadyLunaTwilight
Very well written! Great story! Once I started reading I couldn't stop. Almost pulled an all-nighter. :)
1/17/2021 c30 dixie326
It never even occurred to me that Hermione would be doing anything but trying to protect Harry's chance at a happy life. From the time she was just 12 years old, her main focus was to keep Harry safe. I wouldn't have expected her to get past that any time soon. I'm glad that she didn't get completely past it until Lily and Severus got engaged and Harry's possible existence was out of her control (she could've controlled her relationship with James but not Lily's relationship with Severus).
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