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11/23/2022 c57 sunshine37
I very much enjoyed your story. Thank you for sharing.
11/13/2022 c1 Gekko9
beautiful story with a satisfying ending
10/24/2022 c20 36Lucyferina
Love the story
10/18/2022 c47 Guest
I'm going to leave a full review after I finished this fic, but your A/N drove me to write one now.

Your fic is amazing because of the emotion so clearly poured into it. Yes, people will be angry as you're tackling a rarely used coupling (that happens to be one of my favourites, by-the-by) and you're changing the view on established characters.

But it's beautiful; wonderfully imagined and brilliantly written. You have the right balance of humour, fluff and seriousness (and your Sirius is serious enough), that it makes for a truly compelling read. Despite you changing the established Severus, Regulus and Peter roles- and I absolutely adore how you did Peter, as it would be so easy for a child raised alone in that environment to turn dark- you've still kept true to the source material. Making James and Sirius true bullies, until Hermione is the one to actually make them SEE they're being bullies, was a stroke of brilliance.

You are clearly a skilled writer, and your emotion for these characters and their lives is shown in your work. I know this finished a while ago, but I really hope you've continued writing.
10/17/2022 c17 Ava935
Good grieve, Hermione isn't synonymous to studying. It gets a bit monotonous after a while to read of Hermione studying day in, day out from one chapter to the next.. Does she even do anything else besides studying?

I know her life seems dull without the adventures she had with Harry and Ron, but in this lifetime she doesn't have a shortage of friends at all. And I think it's a slap in the face of Harry's sacrifice to torment her new friends to revolve their lives around studying just like she is. She isn't even living at this point.

What most fanfic writers don't get is that Hermione is such a beautifully complex character with so many layers, but you are always turning her into a talking book with legs.
10/12/2022 c57 Seraa
I was hooked. From reading the summary, to the first chapter and then reaching the end, I was with your characters every moment. Extremely good plot. Kudos to you for making me want to be a part of their world. It's been a long time since I read a good story and I am thankful I came across yours. Thank you.
9/29/2022 c57 3RandomGerman
Thanks for sharing your story
9/28/2022 c47 RandomGerman
So glad I read this, it is the first James fic I have ever really liked!
9/5/2022 c57 1Roxas fleur
It's your fault my eyes have gone blurry from binge reading this fic and finishing for 2 days straight. Thank you for such a marvelous story, even if Voldie demise was a bit anti-climatic.
8/25/2022 c28 1LongingforSweetness
Chapter 27 is possibly the most beautiful combination of angst and fluff I've seen in a while
8/7/2022 c20 AquilaBlackRose
the order of the phoenix is also known as the order of the glorified fried chicken
8/6/2022 c57 RockosMamaJ
This was lovely. Thank you. It’s well written and the story takes on everything we wish had happened.
7/27/2022 c1 Froggyhop254
Omgg this was such a good story I loved it
7/25/2022 c57 EdDbookfan1018
This was so amazing. Great characters. Thank you for sharing this part of yourself during such a stressful time in your life.
7/25/2022 c53 EdDbookfan1018
Tears. You wrote the emotion of the good-byes so well.
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