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for How It Should Have Ended: Kings Of The Con

7/12 c1 ABC
How about writing a story on how Cereal Offender should have ended.
7/12 c1 ABC
This is really how KOTC should have ended.
7/21/2020 c1 9HakaiZim
Esto es una mierda.
6/30/2020 c1 9Claircrystal
I watched this episode yesterday.
6/14/2020 c1 randomreviewer
I hope you write an actual episode

It would be utter shit
6/14/2020 c1 Cinnamon
Doesn't help that he didn't consider going into the movie by talking with the judges. That would be a better ending.

But bonus points for mentioning the maverick hunters. YET YOU DIDN'T MENTION ME.
6/15/2020 c1 25Luffy Turner
Esto no tiene sentido alguno.
6/14/2020 c1 108AugustoSpiller1259

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