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10/12/2020 c3 7Aoi Usa
Nice story. To your question yes Ron should confront the others for what they do wrong. Especially Ginny, Molly, and Hermione. If the story is good sure transfer Ron. As for bashing I would say Hermione and Ginny, but that because I a bit bias and I don’t like those two. No on Ron and Draco bashing, sorry but Draco insulted Ron and his family since they first met and still do it, use a different Slytherin, that is not in Malfoy’s gang. You should also have Ron and Harry gain more friends in different houses too. I hope you update soon
8/17/2020 c3 4weirdhead
Bashers huh? You would do the job quite fine, I assure you. Good work. I prefer Ronmione, and Luna as a little sister to Ron. You should start interhouse chess tournament. Speaking of chess... I have a brilliant idea for you.

How about Ron making a bargain with those seven? If Ron beat all 7 in chess, they shall never bully luna again. But if Ron lost, they can name their prize, which Ron able to pay. They can give wizarding oaths or unbreakable vow.
8/17/2020 c1 weirdhead
Twins killed Ron's pet, that should be remembered too.
7/21/2020 c3 Guest
Olá, feliz que tem continuação!

Surpresa com a idéia de mudança de casa. Parece bem revolucionária, só tem que tomar cuidado para não perder as características da personalidade de Ron. Ele é corajoso, impulsivo, honesto ...

Eu adoraria ler sobre o crescimento pessoal de Ron. Quem sabe ele se torne amigo de Neville ...

Quanto a brigar com Hermione. Será interessante ter uma discussão acalorada no quinto ano quando forem monitores...

Luna é um personagem bem intrigante curiosa com o início dessa amizade.

Há poucas histórias em que Percy é descrito de forma positiva. Imagine que Ron descobre que Dumbledore o colocou como espião no Ministério? A família toda contra o irmão em posição de maior risco e que foi obrigado a lidar com tudo sozinho?

Espero ajudar com sugestões e muito obrigada por continuar a história!
7/15/2020 c3 Reader
Hello there. I liked your ravenclaw tower, is nice to see new ideas. And good friend/protective!Ron is something that soothes my soul.

Do you want Ron to transfer into Ravenclaw? It would be nice to see a Ravenclaw!Ron story, there aren't a lot of them, and it would give the story something new.

Should Ron have a confrontation with Hermione? Ginny? Molly? Any other brothers? Yes to everything. He's everyone's punching bag, even if he has his own problems and flaws, others tend to use him to point the worst of him, principally Hermione and Ginny.

Do y'all want Ron to slowly reach out to Percy? It would be nice. I love a good Percy&Ron bonding sibling story. They are so awesome. Also, they both were the least appreciated Weasley and they deserved better

If you want a Ravenclaw!Ron, should anyone else transfer too? Idk, if its well written and contributes to the plot you have, go for it.

Should Draco become a friend? Hm, I don't think that this will work, at least with the things you have already going on. Ron is against bullies, and till this point Malfoy has been nothing but a bully to Ron and co. Maybe use another Slytherin, then you can show that not because you are in a house you are inherently the same as your housemates, and you do not have to have the same ideals.

Someone that's forcing the Ravenclaws to bully Luna. Hm, here is complicated, first of all, there has not been a real good reason for someone to force a bunch of kids bully someone that is younger than them, it just doesn't make sense.
But now that you have written it, maybe it could be an adult that has problems with Xenophilius, maybe X, being a reporter and all that, got into something that shouldn't have, embezzling, murder, bribery, the likes, so obviously the one that was involved in that decided to make him pay for it, but if he murdered X it would attract a lot of attention, so he decided to attack Luna, and the best way of doing it? Forcing the parents of the Ravenclaws to force their kids to bully Luna. (It could actually be worse, but it works. You should check the things that they do to reporters and principally journalists in Latin America) So, the one behind the curtain? Maybe Malfoy Sr., Marietta's Mother, someone from the ministry that has power over the Ravenclaws parents, or even the Minister.

Anyways, good work. Thank you for the chapter.
7/14/2020 c3 James Birdsong
You’re welcome. This is a good chapter as well
7/14/2020 c3 1Nanettez
Marietta always struck me as the one who was the instigator to the bullying of Luna.
7/14/2020 c3 RonWeasleyIsMyKing3180
Maybe you can keep the first chapter as a one shot and rewrite the next two chapters as an independent story?
7/14/2020 c3 TroyWeb
I like your description of Ravenclaw's tower. The blue and bronze background sounds relaxing. It would be cool if Ron transferred to Ravenclaw.
7/8/2020 c1 RonWeasleyIsMyKing3180
But the storyline fell a bit flat, I liked it as an one snot better. But I still like the turn!
7/8/2020 c2 RonWeasleyIsMyKing3180
It it very promising, I can't wait for more. I also recommended it to a discord server I'm on so I hope that more will read this too!
7/8/2020 c2 Reader
Wow, thank you for continuing this, short but good. Take care.
7/8/2020 c2 TroyWeb
Luna and Ron are off to confront the Ravenclaws. This is a new way to deal with the bullying from canon.
7/8/2020 c2 28kehwie
I will be following to see where you go with tihs. :)
7/8/2020 c2 Guest
I’m loving this. I also hope that Ron stands up to Hermione. I mean, her heart was in the right place for SPEW, but the house elves were HAPPY and she totally disregards their feelings and just claims they’re brainwashed. I mean, does she REALIZE how condescending she is? Plus, since it’s going to be Ron/Luna, I’m assuming that Hermione and Harry will meet Luna earlier. Hermione was AWFUL to Luna in the fifth book because of her beliefs, so I hope Ron stands up to Hermione for bullying Luna.
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