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10/24 c28 Guest
Another great chapter.
10/23 c28 41Blondie 20000
Loved the chapter. I knew the mission wasn't going to be easy. Sara was badass with the gun and thank Aldo for getting them out of there. I'm so happy Veronica survived. I love how Veronica is happily giving Sara and Michael some alone time ;) Aldo and Michael have met it's understanding there wouldn't be much conversation what could Michael say? Plus Sara and Veronica are there he wouldn't lash out on his Dad in front of them. MiSa is back together I can't wait to see them spending time together. :)
10/23 c28 acidlynice
Loved everything.
Michael and Sara are really cute, can feel the love between them.
Now I'm curious to see how things will go with Linc and if Michael will accept Christina’s offer.
I'm also very curious to find out how the relationship between Michael and Sara will evolve, and also how it will go with Aldo and Michael.

I loved the chapter as always, I can't wait to read the next one.

10/22 c28 8yoshiluvsHxM
You made my day!
Thank you for the new chapter, I can't wait for the next one!
10/21 c27 41Blondie 20000
Poor Michael he really is screwed. I have a feeling he is gonna accept Christina's offer. He would only accept it because of Sara. He will want the General off Sara's back. Obviously I don't trust Christina I feel there is more to deal than meets the eye.

I'm so glad Veronica has Aldo with her. Then she's not in the house alone with Terrence. I didn't think she would call Sara. God I hope Sara will be ok I don't want anything bad happening to her. I'm still praying for Veronica to get out of this alive. I wonder if Terrence will go with them?

I love the chapter. I can't wait for more.
10/17 c27 Guest
They should have called Michael or someone fitter than Sara, to free Aldo and Veronica.
10/15 c27 Guest
I liked the chapter.
10/14 c27 8yoshiluvsHxM
(I'm relieved that Veronica didn't call the cops this time)
Nooo! Now Sara is in danger too...I'm starting to think that Michael will be forced to accept Christhina's offer soon.
Thanks for the new chapter!
10/12 c26 Guest
Another wonderful chapter.
10/14 c27 acidlynice
God, I feel so bad for them.
Michael is destroyed, Sara is in danger and I hope nothing bad happens to her, Vee and Aldo in Montana.
Why do I get the feeling that something really bad is about to happen?

However, I hope that Michael and Sara can see each other soon.

I loved the chapter as always, and can’t wait to read more from you.

10/11 c26 acidlynice
I’m just in love with this ff. I can’t wait to read another chapter. Hope Veronica and Aldo will be safe and can’t wait for MiSa reunion.
10/10 c26 41Blondie 20000
I'm just loving this long chapters. Really worried about Veronica. At least she has Aldo with her. Still I'm worried about them. I really hope nothing happens to Aldo and Veronica.

Bad idea to threaten Sara General. No one hurts Sara! I can understand Michael's behaviour he feels helpless and useless he can't do nothing for his brother right now. He has to depend on the others to get Linc out. We know Michael sometimes struggles when it comes to depending on others. Michael does like to be the one in control of a situation.

I am excited for the MiSa reunion. Maybe Michael visits Linc while he is in Chicago. I do miss the brotherly moments.

I can't wait for more.
10/8 c26 8yoshiluvsHxM
Really good chapter. Thank you for the update.
I'm hyped for the upcoming MiSa reunion, but still worried for Vee (At least she has Aldo by her side this time...and a gun) Now that they entered the mansion. They're trapped!
10/4 c25 41Blondie 20000
Great Veronica has a solid lead. I hope nothing happens to her when she arrives in Montana. I really don't want to see her killed like in the show. The General is interested in Michael I wonder if Michael will be the one who can get Scylla? Maybe he forms a good working relationship with the General? Gets close to him? Poor Lincoln it is sad to see him so down and defeated.

I can't wait for more :)
10/1 c25 Guest
It's Michael that has to get Scylla, in the end. Well, who else?
Go on.
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