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11/7 c6 Look2021
Good Chapter!
11/6 c6 The G.O.A.T
I got fucking chills man!

I hope you don't take to long to update man!
11/4 c6 1Fiction King744


I love this idea of Madara.

I would really like to see how it plays out.

I will wait for that next chapter!
11/4 c6 9Dregus
nice to see this updated
though now that i think about it, part of me was curious if Madara had made any NPC based off of anyone from his original world, if only to be nostalgic if nothing else. and maybe as a petty way to get revenge by sort of having his former enemies as his servants
11/3 c2 Zero
Here it comes...
11/3 c1 Zero
11/3 c6 Madara Uchiha2004
I love it!

Thank god you are back. It has been a while since you last updated.

I hope you are not gone for to long this time around.
11/3 c5 Dasgun
8/29 c4 SomePervyGuy
As Rogal Dorn would say. *Boring*
8/29 c3 SomePervyGuy
SomePervyGuy Nr. 1:*yawn* to many characters mentioned and to little time to give a...
SomePervyGuy Nr. 2: SKIP, continue reading.
SomePervyGuy Nr. 1:*sign* Fine.
7/5 c1 Cocytus Rexa
So currently under rewrite, huh? Well I hope you come back because literally anyone that says “currently under rewrite” never comes back.
6/21 c1 2AniMeOtaKuKiNg
I think, i've read this dialog before on other fanfiction?is it from anime and the one said that was Momonga?Did you replace his character on behalf of Momonga?If it was true, then that boring. Beside that, this Madara act too much like Momonga. I felt like reading Momonga pov than Madara...
6/12 c4 Itachi is Trash
I fucking love it!
5/1 c4 King Gold12
All Hail Daddy Madara!
4/27 c1 Zero
Madara in overlord world...
Shake the new world...
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