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for Final Fantasy VII Remake: A Tale Of Midgar Book I

5/17 c14 27JensenDaniels32
AWESOME! Really hoping to see the next chapter soon!
4/18 c14 candel06
Noooooooooooooo, I am all caught up! lol Loving the story so far, especially since I just picked Remake back up before going into Rebirth. Keep up the great work and see ya in the next installment, Ja Ne!
4/14 c14 Guest
Hi it’s spiders123

I’m sorry

So sorry that I offended you

Please unblock me so I can apologize properly

I’m okay with your decision

3/17 c14 ZeonSilt
Had to read/listen to your story from the beginning when I saw your return to this story XO. Definitely looking forward to seeing how this story turns out. Wondering how you will put everything together since your story is definitely going your path and not what the path everyone expected. Though I'm guessing it's still before canon story timeline. Since this universe Naruto (Hats off to making this Naruto a badass/smarter) is from what we see with Jessie not confirmed relationship but with her... we can possible see at least 2 girls with Naruto if he is stuck on Gaia. Aerith is definitely attached to Naruto and Tifa becoming a badass with less then 1 year of Naruto's boot camp how will she fit in... Indeed, I'm looking forward to your story and how everyone if the full FF7 cast comes together Yuffie meeting Naruto I think would be funny lol.
3/4 c14 Tera12
Thanks for the chapter
2/28 c14 Argorok
Interesting story so far, please keep up the good work.
2/16 c14 Stonepotrice
thank for the update
so i guess jesse couldn't handle all the teasing and flirting and only a matter of time for Aerith to join too. or get some action wink wink.
is naruto aware of wutai around him? not as exact identities but actions?
hmm so looks like zack became a maryter?
guessing the fact that Genesis and naruto had a match didn't caught on anyones rader?
hope for more
2/16 c14 codywhite162
Excellent chapter yet again! I really love reading this story as you make the plot very interesting and I want to know what happens next. Also Naruto and Jessie seem to be friends with benefits now which is good though I wonder if he will get any more lovers like Aerith for example. Well I digress, great work and looking forward to the next update.
2/14 c14 Marsuvees Black The Dark Lord
Is this going to be a single pairing or multi?
2/13 c14 KakeruPB
Huh, didn't think they would actually do it. Even if it is casual. Very surprising for this version of Naruto. I thought this wouldn't happen until he got into a relationship.

Looks like the Empress is grooming Naruto, lol. To bad we won't get to see that here.

While I understand Aerith melancholy, it won't come to pass if Naruto has anything to say about it. So I wonder will their relationship progress so far? It would be nice for the both of them and it would be a nice Irony.
2/13 c14 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
2/13 c14 Shadow
Awesome work, loved it!
2/13 c14 777torn777
Always happy to see another chapter
2/13 c14 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter
2/12 c14 jeremiahkelley93
Great chapter.
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