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for Final Fantasy VII Remake: A Tale Of Midgar Book I

2/12 c14 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Good work on this chapter!
2/12 c14 Guest
Love the update hope you have naruto rescuing zack and cloud soon zack/aerith cloud/Tifa naruto/cissenie. Can't wait for next chapter till next time later man.
2/12 c14 fallendemon248
Oh damn wasnt expecting naruto and jessie to be having sex but its been a year since genesis? Does shinra know about that considering that soldier asked naruto about him or do they still think hes dead? Love that tifa can really push naruto when their training, would love to see another fight between them
2/12 c14 cools325
Great chapter
2/12 c14 Alexander4443
Great chapter bro
2/12 c14 xXwolfsterXx644
Great chapter dude definitely Can't wait for the next update
2/12 c14 6The Faceless Wordsmith
If the sword is so powerful that holding it invokes such a drastic change, then I can't wait to see Naruto get to the point he can use it in combat.

Also really liked the casual 'work' talk Naruto had with the SOLDIER. Pretty good stuff.
2/12 c14 rharper909
okay yes im still loving this. seems naruto will get with jessie and aerith, maybe even tofe. all i know is this is a great story. thanks for the update and please give us more
2/12 c14 Dasgun
12/9/2023 c13 Arashi Uzukaze
After looking up some stuff, I found out all the FF games are connected by something called The Void. Could Naruto eventually gain the ability to traverse it and travel to different FF realities?! :P
12/5/2023 c4 27JensenDaniels32
Happy 350th review! I hope this motivates you to continue this amazing story, Arch!
11/25/2023 c1 JensenDaniels32
I really do like this story, so please don't end it too soon.
11/25/2023 c12 JensenDaniels32
I just really would like it if you see this story through to the end.
11/25/2023 c12 JensenDaniels32
Also, please at least make it to the start of Canon before you up and abandon this story like your others.
11/23/2023 c13 JensenDaniels32
Awesome! Looking forward to future chapters.
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