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for Final Fantasy VII Remake: A Tale Of Midgar Book I

10/14/2023 c13 KakeruPB
I don't understand the title of this chapter. It didn't make sense.

Now for the chapter itself? Great! Aerith with her secrets, lol. Sorry, girl but you can't fool these two your practically open book when it comes to this stuff. The fight? Great! Believable and makes sense. Now we finally find out what Rama is! Like seriously, this entire time I didn't understand what this meant but I'm glad to know now and it fit's this Naruto.

P.S. Does Aerith swing both ways? Cause that's a first, I've also hadn't seen any sign's like that til now. Unless she just teasing. That I can believe.
10/14/2023 c13 jeremiahkelley93
Great chapter.
10/14/2023 c13 Guest
a wild genesis appears, kinda out of the left field. nice bit of history on Naruto's clan
10/14/2023 c13 Gilgamesh50
Great Chapter
10/13/2023 c13 xXwolfsterXx644
Great chapter dude definitely Can't wait for the next update and see how Naruto training goes
10/13/2023 c13 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Awesome work! I enjoyed this and am looking forward to more! Lol, seems to me that Aerith is a bit kinky eh? LOL! Also, I know the so-called Promised Land is apparently a place of unlimited energy and all that stuff, but does such a place actually exist in canon? I doubt it as such things that sound too good to be true, are usually not so true in the end. And who’s to say that said land wasn’t destroyed by Jenova or some other type of extraterrestrial/cosmic eldritch horror?
10/13/2023 c13 Alexander4443
good chapter
10/13/2023 c13 4Silvanium
Man, Hojo wants to sic Deepground on Naruto now because they think he is from the Promised Land? Interesting.
10/13/2023 c13 6The Faceless Wordsmith
Not sure how much I like Genesis. He seems like a character who blends the line of chivalry with misogyny. Referring to Aerith as a maiden but then treating her like an object to be defended by warriors or men. Could be on purpose, then that's effective, but still don't like him.
10/13/2023 c13 2Shirou Emiya1
I couldnt help but laugh at the part where scarlet knows shes being referenced in porn sites and is honestly pissed about it, also couldn't help but laugh at the part with aerith admitting she is Bi and is also undressing tifa when admittung that hahaha
10/13/2023 c13 rharper909
yes thanks for this update
10/13/2023 c13 Glitner
mh get aerith to hook up naruto tifa and her into a steam relationship ! thats a true pairing ! xD ... anyways nice to see you release chapter again ! keep em coming love the story
9/5/2023 c3 thegrison
It is a good story yet too many characters from others stories that kinda take away from it. I get why. It would add to the story yet it since to slowly do the opposite. Good luck.
8/31/2023 c1 rharper909
I keep getting notifications that it was updated just to be sad that it wasn't
8/31/2023 c12 ZeonSilt
100% on board with your fanfiction, you put in some good ideas and elements to this story with your on Flare and I must say hats off to you. In fact, you technically haven't started the canon path if you're thinking of that and even then, you can still put your own spin on it. Not to mention this chapter Prank was epic again hats off to that lol. Instead of the whispers you went to a higher plain of beings definitely like that idea. Not sure if you plan to pair Naruto with anyone guessing your waiting on the next part to decide on that. I'm taking a guess on this but I'm assuming this is still before Cloud shows up since reactors haven't been blown up yet, again you could be going a different path. Tifa having her Charka pathways open was an interesting idea... makes you wonder will Jess Wedge or Biggs get the same treatment... Hell I'm hoping Aerith will get this also, that will open a pathway to your own unique Aerith though you already have done that.

Overall looking forward to the next part and will have to read your other stories found this story by chance and definitely love this story. Once more, HATS OFF TO YEE!
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