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8/2 c6 Guest
Great story, enjoyed so far and hope you can update it soon
8/3 c6 pumpkinking5

WHOAH! Didn't see that one coming! Gabby's mom appeared at her work. Wants to talk to her about what? I am glad that Troy gave her the information ahead of time before seeing her. It gave her time to compose herself.

I am glad that Troy and Gabby's dad talked. I feel both of them on the right page on Gabby on how she handles change. She needs time to digest the news before accepting it or handling it.

Great job!
8/3 c6 22thoughts-of-joy-dreams-of-love
Ooooh this is juicy. What a whirlwind for Gabriella...and poor Troy since the reappearance of her mother will probably disrupt his proposal plans. I'm definitely interested to see how Gabriella handles this, especially since she's not the best at conflict. Good luck with your finals, too!
8/2 c6 LeenaHsm
Love it, nice work so far. I'm excited to see how the talk goes with Gabi and her mother.
7/21 c5 pumpkinking5

You must be really busy with your online classes. Thank you for posting a new chapter especially since it must have been on your free time!

Gabby went to talk to her dad. She felt that she needed his love and shoulder to cry on concerting her fight with Troy. Her dad was right! Gabby is going to be a wonderful mother because she has a kind heart. Plus, Troy is going to be supporting her as well as him. I felt this conversation ease Gabby's fears.

Troy didn't wait for her to come home. He went to her childhood home. She was there. They talked! Gabby is not going to be running away. Both of them agree to talk instead of hiding and fleeing.

Great job! Keep safe!
7/20 c5 thoughts-of-joy-dreams-of-love
Aww, I’m glad they worked things out! I like how you included Troy climbing the tree, it’s a nice nod to the movies. And Gabriella’s dad is so sweet :’) Keep it up!
7/2 c4 16Curious Girl
Awesome story! I‘ve enjoyed it so far. You’re very talented. I can’t wait what happens next!
6/30 c4 22thoughts-of-joy-dreams-of-love
Great chapter! I think their reactions to the situation are both really realistic...Gabriella feeling like she's holding Troy back, Troy being a bit disappointed but trying to hide it. I think it's pretty in-character, too, since in the movies Gabriella IS the one who typically runs away. I'm interested to see how they resolve this, keep it up!
6/29 c1 Lovepeaceandwar
There are so many medical drama au hsm fanfics for troyella and I love all of them. Thanks for writing this.
6/27 c3 thoughts-of-joy-dreams-of-love
Cute story! I can tell you’re putting a lot of hard work into it. I really like how you portray Troy and Gabriella’s relationship, especially how protective Troy is over her. I would watch out for some typos and grammar issues just to clean things up a bit. But overall, you’re doing awesome for someone writing their first story! Keep it up and happy writing :)
6/22 c3 142LabyrinthDavidBowieWildcats32
This chapter did not post right and you need to fix it.
6/19 c2 pumpkinking5

Lucy is going to get a divorce from Jack. They have been separated for six months. Gabby was shock to hear the news especially since Troy doesn't know. Lucy came to town. Troy forgot about his mother visiting him.

Yet, Lucy came for a reason. Gabby knows. Wonder how Troy is going to feel about the news.

Great job! Keep safe!
6/15 c1 pumpkinking5

I found your story lovely! I like dhow Troy and Gabby are so supportive of each other in their love and careers. They are working in their residency at the same hospital but for different degrees. Gabby wants to be a pediatric surgery. Troy wants to be an orthorpethic doctor.

Gabby lost a patient that night. She went home and needed Troy to help console her. He did. This is what being a couple do for each other.

Great job! Keep safe!

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