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for Mass Effect: Into Darkness

12/25/2021 c12 1Jctherebel
Awesome chapters
12/25/2021 c12 Amon34
very good
11/14/2021 c10 OscuroSignore-51
Good chapter, but I have to point one thing.
In the fight against the krogan you made that Revan saber couldn't cut through its hide... are you kidding me!

We are talking of a lightsabers here, they can cut through slabs of metal far more sturdy than a mere krogan hide and the materials that can actually resist one can be counted with one hand, but there is just no way krogan are among them, actually they are vulnerable to fire and incendiary weapons as it can negate their regeneration.

If their hide was actually sturdy enough to resist a lightsaber they would be practically indestructible for the ME galaxy.

I hope you rectify this part.

BTW, what do you think about making Revan to be Grunt battle-master instead of shepherd, I personally believe revan would make a better choice both in term of personality and philosophy,you know, with the whole maintain set control one moment, dark lord the other.

That being said I like this story an I want to see where it will go, especially when they will have to return to the SW galaxy and kick Malak, I hope shephard and normandy's crew will come too.

Keep up the good work!

PS: When are you going to give HK some action? like without him the story is only half its potential.
11/14/2021 c10 Guest
Shepherd needs to introduce Revan to the light that is metal (the music genre)... and probably introduce it to Grunt, Wrex, and Jack.
11/14/2021 c10 Amon34
very good
11/12/2021 c10 Jctherebel
Cool chapter
11/12/2021 c10 Guest
9/25/2021 c9 Jctherebel
Awesome chapters, very excited for more
9/16/2021 c8 Amon34
very good
8/13/2021 c8 Jctherebel
Awesome chapter
7/3/2021 c7 Jctherebel
Awesome chapter as usual
6/13/2021 c6 Jctherebel
Amazing chapter
6/13/2021 c6 45Firebirdie
Ah, the tactical complications of not knowing your party's builds. Poor Shep.

"Space magic" oh my god I love your Revan
6/13/2021 c5 Firebirdie
Shepard's instincts read just a smidgen like Force intuition :3

I like the Shepard-Miranda dynamic and the ongoing uncertainty/power struggle there. Good stuff.

Y'know in some ways Mass Effect feels like a kind of spiritual successor to KotOR - space opera with upsetting deep lore and ancient civilizations and Vast Unfathomable Terrifying Dark Forces Imperilling All Life. The two settings dovetail real nicely as a result. Revan having some connection to the Reapers in her mysterious dark past is perfect :D

Mmm yes good, love the Shep-Revan tension over power and authority, and how Revan respects Shepard's matter-of-fact approach to the situation ("as much as I want your help, you need mine"). Delicious.
6/13/2021 c4 Firebirdie
Wellp, that's a rocky first meeting right there :'D

I like the mutual terminology confusion. Droid/AI stuff is just delicious, and the vast discrepancy in how SW and ME handle the topic has the potential to go some very interesting places ...
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