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6/16 c1 Isaasol2
I am disappointed this isn't a RevanxShepard book. There is a great RevanxShepard fanfiction, but that one hasn't been updated in two years. So when I saw this book I was hopeful that it would kinda happen here. Oh well, I'll just ship them in my mind.
6/13 c13 GinsengH
All caught up on this story.

Something that I forgot to mention in my previous review is the lack of SW tech presented by Revan and crew. To be precise, I believe that this is a great story decision. Far too many ME/SW crossovers present Revan as an unstoppable killing machine not only for his/her combat prowess but also because of her SW technology (shields/armor). It's enough to make Revan himself a powerful combatant, augmented by force powers. Adding in things like overpowered armor and shields just feels like it's cheating. Also, no matter how technologically inclined Revan is (I think she built HK so she must be at least a little tech savvy), she can't just instantly rebuild SW tech from scratch in a different galaxy, all by herself either). So, overall it's just a really good idea to not rely on SW tech in this setting and instead just simply transpose a few KOTOR characters, as is, into the ME universe, which this story does.

We finally got some HK-47 action, and I loved every minute of it. HK definitely fits the fun murder-droid with his dialog and excitement of battle.

I'm going to continue a thought from my previous review because the topic is becoming more pervasive, and I'll apologize in advance for some of the heavier criticism here. The story seems to go too far with the tangible effects of the light/dark side. The way that Revan continuously describes the light side washing over her is just very odd to do in battle. As was her needing to take a moment to relax when the prisoners woke up filled with fear and anger (I would think that being on a planet literally filled with the dark side like Korriban as she was early in the story would offer far more trouble, even if this Purgatory instance was more of a sudden shock). I understand the story's attempt to show the inner battle that she is facing between the Darth Revan and the Jedi Knight Revan personas. However, Revan was a master of both the dark and light sides of the force.

That isn't to say that you need to follow exactly how Revan was in KOTOR or even SWTOR, but it does not see believable that this very unstable Revan could have survived to this point while being distracted by all of these things/constantly waging this inner struggle. Certainly not to the extent that this story shows her symptoms. Someone as mentally unstable as Revan has been in this story would have been killed many times over in the hunt for the Star Forge, and I don't know that it's enough of an explanation that her identity reveal on the Leviathan, as shocking as that may have been, is enough of a trigger to change all of that. For that matter, the Dark Side Revan in this story would be totally useless in a war against both the jedi and republic if this is any indication of her former self. If, when she was the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Revan had even a fraction of the instability shown in the character in this story then she would have posed zero threat to the republic as either a strategist or a combatant.
6/12 c10 GinsengH
I finally managed to catch up on more of the story, and I really enjoyed this set of chapters (5-10).

As mentioned in my PM, it seems appropriate that Revan should be the clear power of the team given her powers and the relative universes. She does seem to be the clear cut winner in terms of power in the group, and I don't think you've taken it too far either (ie: she's no where close to a Mary-Sue). Regardless of how strong she is, she is still just 1 woman vs. an entire galaxy. Even still, you manage to show that she does have vulnerabilities and is not invincible.

Personally I'm not a fan of the way that the story handles Revan's darkness. Now, admittedly I'm much more inclined to follow darker/grey versions of Revan, and this is obviously just my own bias. So, I can't fault the story for that alone. However, it does seem difficult to picture any version of Revan who reacts this way at every loss of life. Her character accomplished too much under far too strenuous circumstances to believe she wasn't accustomed to getting her hands dirty, and to an extent this story actually follows that thinking. Unfortunately it has also created a bit of a contradiction there because there are all of these times where she will feel remorse in the middle of battle for the loss of a life or some other non-saintly act or thought. This appears to be an attempt to set up both her regret from becoming Sith as well as the seduction of the dark side, but I do believe that the story goes too far.

I very much enjoyed the little conversation between Miranda and Revan concerning her light armor. As well as some of the moments with HK at dinner. This story is far from a comedy, but it does find moments to lighten the mood.

One point of confusion that I had was in regards to Revan's ability to read minds. Revan clearly states that she can't read minds, just emotions, but there were a few instances where she seemed to pick up on specific thoughts from others. I couldn't tell if I misread that or if it was an oversight.
6/9 c13 Regnak
Good chapter but like someone said if you want hinder Revan make it more role friendly other then technologu cuz in most cases SW tech if superior to that of ME
6/8 c1 Darkcrest27
absolutely agree Revan was always a female in my playthroughs and the Exile was always male. AFAIC they messed up the canon genders of the two
6/7 c13 Sherodx
not enough wanking. more wank pls wtf more wank *sob emoji* sob pls make people praise rivun more ock?
6/5 c13 OscuroSignore-51
Good chapter, its good to see the story is continuing.

What was that thing with the mech barriers? ME barriers can only stop kinetic strikes, a lightsaber blade is essentially a stream of plasma held in shape by a force containment field. it should have no problem in penetrating a barrier designed EXCLUSIVELY FOR solid mass.

Same for the force lightning part, in case you don't know the Jedi have an ability designed to neutralize droid and electrical systems called Ionize. It was invented by Jedi master Arca Jeth during the Great Droid Rebellion, it work by a stream of ionic energy generated by the Force that would overload the targeted mechanism and only resemble force lightning in appearance.

And according to the wiki, Revan, along with Meetra Surik were both able to use that technique.

I understand that a force user of reran calibre would be pretty much op in the ME galaxy and that you wanted to add a bit of struggle for them, I'm only saying that there could have been better and more lore accurate ways to do it.

On a side note, once the plot of ME2 if finished, will Shepard travel to the SW galaxy to help Revan with her plot and the star forge?

Because i find the whole "spend half a year in prison" to be a waste of time, it's much better if she spend it traveling with remand on the Ebon Hawk, conclude KOTR storyline and recruit the republic help against the reapers.

Plus, I'm imagining the dynamic of Shep/Revan now that the roles would be pretty much inverted:

Rev: "you want to come with us? I don't know, you look like you're used to be in command, can you yo it"

Shep: ""roll her eyes""

that would be hilarious:

Keep up the good work; hope we don't have to wait as long for the next chap!
6/4 c13 Doominater84
A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one!
6/4 c13 1Jctherebel
Absolutely great chapter
4/27 c4 GinsengH
Before I go any further. I just want to acknowledge and praise your A/N at the beginning regarding Revan. I don't believe in companies having quotas around character gender, but I absolutely hated that Revan (and Shepard for that matter) were officially male. In Shepard's case, part of my disdain for that decision is due to the phenomenal performance of Jennifer Hale as the voice of Fem Shepard in the games, but I also just find it more intriguing to have a badass female character in these roles since it is so rarely done. Every major villain in Star Wars has been male. A female dark lord to go along with the already present male Darth Malak just offers an interesting contrast.

Also, I'm very thankful that this is not a slash story. Nothing particularly against them, but it's refreshing to see a story about friendship over romance.

Onto the actual review starting with ch 2 since chapter 1 was basically just re-stating the events of the games...Actually I almost didn't start with this one either because it too is more of a recap than actual substance to a new story. There was a small bit of exposition into Revan's mental state (which it was fun to see her tapping into her darker powers), but it was probably unnecessary. I do not believe in rushing things along to get to the "good" parts like some stories do, but with fanfiction there is a certain amount of prior knowledge that can be assumed. Given the very well known events from both of these games then it probably would have made sense to more quickly approach the point where your story and the games diverge.

Unfortunately, the result of these first 2 chapters so closely mirroring the games is that by the time we get to Chapter 3, the first truly unique chapter, there is already a sense of tedium. Here though it feels like the story finally starts, and it's interesting to see Revan continue to struggle with the right way to go. Also, I'll always be a fan of a happy HK (extremely happy to see everyone's favorite assassin droid made the journey to the ME universe with her).

All of the events on citadel station were just too easy. Revan and her team wake up in a completely foreign environment (even realizing it's a completely different galaxy), get into an altercation with first C-Sec, then Shepard herself, and somehow manage to make nice with Shepard all in the span of less than 1 full chapter. The lack of confusion, anxiety, and general building upon their situation just felt rushed.

I'm curious if Shepard will be as powerful as Revan in this story (or even more so as partially indicated in this mini fight). In some ways it does make sense to make them parallels of each other in order to not allow one to shine over the other. However, it's also a bit crippling to Revan's character herself if she isn't superior to Shepard in at least raw power. There may not be any accurate comparison between biotics and the force, but between the 2 universes only force users are seen as able to completely turn the side of an entire war. I love both character, but I'm hoping that Revan will end up being the real firepower on the team. Otherwise it seems like she's being dumbed down in a sense.

I was hoping to get a few more chapters in, but it's already late. Looking forward to continuing it later though because I can see a lot of potential in this setting.
2/9 c12 Doominater84
Awesome story! I can’t wait to read more!
12/25/2021 c12 Jctherebel
Awesome chapters
12/25/2021 c12 Amon34
very good
11/14/2021 c10 OscuroSignore-51
Good chapter, but I have to point one thing.
In the fight against the krogan you made that Revan saber couldn't cut through its hide... are you kidding me!

We are talking of a lightsabers here, they can cut through slabs of metal far more sturdy than a mere krogan hide and the materials that can actually resist one can be counted with one hand, but there is just no way krogan are among them, actually they are vulnerable to fire and incendiary weapons as it can negate their regeneration.

If their hide was actually sturdy enough to resist a lightsaber they would be practically indestructible for the ME galaxy.

I hope you rectify this part.

BTW, what do you think about making Revan to be Grunt battle-master instead of shepherd, I personally believe revan would make a better choice both in term of personality and philosophy,you know, with the whole maintain set control one moment, dark lord the other.

That being said I like this story an I want to see where it will go, especially when they will have to return to the SW galaxy and kick Malak, I hope shephard and normandy's crew will come too.

Keep up the good work!

PS: When are you going to give HK some action? like without him the story is only half its potential.
11/14/2021 c10 Guest
Shepherd needs to introduce Revan to the light that is metal (the music genre)... and probably introduce it to Grunt, Wrex, and Jack.
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