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for Mass Effect: Into Darkness

6/13/2021 c6 45Firebirdie
Ah, the tactical complications of not knowing your party's builds. Poor Shep.

"Space magic" oh my god I love your Revan
6/13/2021 c5 Firebirdie
Shepard's instincts read just a smidgen like Force intuition :3

I like the Shepard-Miranda dynamic and the ongoing uncertainty/power struggle there. Good stuff.

Y'know in some ways Mass Effect feels like a kind of spiritual successor to KotOR - space opera with upsetting deep lore and ancient civilizations and Vast Unfathomable Terrifying Dark Forces Imperilling All Life. The two settings dovetail real nicely as a result. Revan having some connection to the Reapers in her mysterious dark past is perfect :D

Mmm yes good, love the Shep-Revan tension over power and authority, and how Revan respects Shepard's matter-of-fact approach to the situation ("as much as I want your help, you need mine"). Delicious.
6/13/2021 c4 Firebirdie
Wellp, that's a rocky first meeting right there :'D

I like the mutual terminology confusion. Droid/AI stuff is just delicious, and the vast discrepancy in how SW and ME handle the topic has the potential to go some very interesting places ...
6/13/2021 c6 2JustWriteAnon
Seeing this story jump up to the top of my alerts always brings a smile to my face. Really digging the dynamic you're building between Shepard and Revan, and greatly appreciate that you're taking a "realistic" approach to them learning about each other's galaxies - no massive wall of exposition that magically answers every question. Feels very natural. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.
6/11/2021 c6 raven2327
keep up the great work
4/26/2021 c5 Guest
I’m wondering how Carth and Revan will react to Zaeed.
4/19/2021 c1 grom1660
ok so this is a response to the author's note as you seem to misunderstand how revan was made into a action hero dudebro as it was the characterisation after KOTOR2 that did it if SWOTOR revan was female then she'd be an action hero dudebro with tits. I do love seeing stories that give us a real revan and look forward to seeing you're attempt as the fans are universally better at righting star wars than Disney. ps revan is kind of canon as they are referenced in both TLJ and ROS.
4/9/2021 c5 1Jctherebel
awesome chapter
1/6/2021 c4 Darkcrest27
I agree with what others have stated why add Carth? He adds nothing to the story and IMHO detracts from the story greatly as his character taken from the Game would never truly trust Revan because of the many past betrayals he's suffered. especially given your Revan has been dabbing with Darkside abilities
12/6/2020 c4 Jctherebel
12/5/2020 c4 Nikkless
why add carth
11/24/2020 c3 Nikkless
still feels like prologue
11/24/2020 c1 Nikkless
pity it wont be Fem Shepard x Fem Revan
10/6/2020 c3 Guest
Huh, kind of expected there to be more. I swear I remember reading that first chapter years ago as well, is this a republished and remedied story? Maybe I'm just tired and delusional. I suppose I'll see if I truly like story once there's been some actual crossover. There's few big turnoffs, like events happening purely to advance the romance at the cost of plot, or Mass Effect being buffed to hell just to have a chance at competing technology wise. I'm out if any of that shows up, rather read nothing than something like that. Sad the most of the good fics here are dead and half done, so I hold out hope you'll steer this one right.
I await more, as always.
9/18/2020 c3 NervousRice
She will either appear at Omega, the Citadel, or a Backwater Planet/Colony with a Cerberus presence.
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