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6/8 c7 Guest
Please update soon.
6/1 c7 Guest
I love your story and I love that its a Momiji one. That boy deserves happiness. Please update soon
5/19 c3 1The Caillic
Emiko’s staying quiet for most of it, but you can she’s just repeating ‘what the fuck’ in her head.

This was suggested to me just ocfairygodmother and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’m going to keep reading the rest of the chapters and look forward to reading more about Emiko
5/17 c2 The Caillic
I love how Emiko and Tohru share similarities like not wanting to worry the people they care about by hiding things.
5/17 c1 The Caillic
This is a fun start. I really like the way you’ve visualised Emiko and how she looks different to Tohru. I also really like the foreshadowing with the rabbit conversation.
5/8 c7 Hopeyourhappy
I love it can't wait for more
4/28 c7 Guest
Love it cant wait for more momiji!
4/28 c7 ilypopxtart333
Awww too cute!
4/15 c6 ilypopxtart333
Can’t wait for Emiko to meet Momiji!
3/30 c6 Guest
Looooove it! So excited for momiji to come into it!
3/28 c6 6aandm20
3/27 c5 Guest
Love this story so much cant wait to read more please update again soon, would also love to read more of "floating around on air"
3/17 c5 4lizyeh2000
Love your story now following! . Please update soon!
3/15 c5 Magby
This will be a Momiji pairing!?I LOVE YOU!
3/10 c4 9Midori Yuki
Ah, I love it! When I saw this got an update I was so excited~ I can't wait for more!
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