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for this is when the feeling sinks in

6/22 c1 9unreal zebra
this made me feel lots of feelings. i love it. also screw jimmy starr !
6/21 c1 Guest
Yo maddiegirl you on a roll rn. A fic about arguing auslly in glee clubs and glory would hit different tho
6/18 c1 Guest
This was so beautiful and I felt every bit of their pain and heartbreak. The ending was so precious and I could literally see the scene being played out in my head like an actual seen from the show.
6/18 c1 Guest2
Aw so sweet! :)
6/16 c1 Guest
You should do another chapter where they prove jimmy Starr wrong
6/15 c1 Guest
I love finding “alternate-ending” fics. And I don’t care what people say... Bring on the angst!
6/15 c1 9Luckystarz910
The way you set the scene for R & R I could picture everything. My heart was hurting so much when theirs were in pain too. Their conversations broke me. I wish Jimmy wasn't a total prick. For Auslly they weren't kids they literally saw their future and endgame. I'm glad this was a one-shot I don't know if I could've handled an entire long story of them devastated and depressed hitting rock-bottom. It was well-written as always Madison. I wish you never stopped writing because you're so good at it.
6/15 c1 5ievi0sa
I recently binged the seasons, and wondered what it would have been like if the show was a bit more mature, a Netflix series maybe. This has that exact feel. It’s truly excellent.
6/15 c1 sweetgirl2711.cp
Love the twist glad in the end that Austin and Ally got their happy ever after!
6/15 c1 famiza
Loved this! It was really heartbreaking at first but I’m glad it has a happy ending!
6/15 c1 8SparkyGurly227
Awwww. This was great! I could see this happening if Red CarpetsRelationships hadn't gone the way it did. Amazing work

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