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1/19 c21 6Fujoshi-dono
All I want to say is WOW. This was so good. I laughed a lot, cried a lot, cooed a lot, fell in love with your OCs, and fell even more in love with Shikaku. Thank you so much for writing. If you ever come back to this, I’ll be waiting :)
1/10 c1 Box3rbandit
Hey, I read through the entire fic and I loved it!
I would have liked to read the deleted scenes, I even downloaded Tumblr just to check them out, but I couldn't find them , maybe if you post to AO3 the entire fic? That would be awesome
12/23/2020 c3 nessie
Not to thrilled she has the cliche "tell someone and it goes smoothly" or the "split personality". They are over used to the max.

Please...please do not have the split personality talk like sakura's
12/20/2020 c21 Gouravsilentreader
Awesome story
Love it
11/27/2020 c21 LuciiChaan
Hola! Me alegro de que todavía contemples el seguir escribiendo esta historia que, dicha sea la verdad, me re leí al menos dos veces. De todo modos voy a leer el resumen porque soy una ansiosa y necesito saber, pero cuando vuelvas voy a estar acá esperando por más.
Saludos y cuídate de toda esta locura del mundo.
11/27/2020 c21 milkazen
Thanks for the update and I think I will read the wrap up because when you get back to writing this story I will have forgotten most of it so that's good for me _
Take care
11/26/2020 c20 24orlha
This has been wonderful to read! I love a Shikaku/oc fic, and this was an exceptional joy to read. Love how you've built the characters and Shikaku and the slow profession of their relationship even if romance isn't a big thing in your fic.

Looking forward to seeing how Danzo and hanzo thing goes and if they prevent Obito, rin and Minato dying! Thanks for writing and sharing this!
11/25/2020 c20 1Lily E. Miller
although I can't say that this is a best work that I've read, but it surely one of the good ones. At first I hooked up because the SIOC paired with Shikaku (I have a thing with Nara men), and when I read a couple chapters... well, it's good. Not as good as Vixen's(De javu no Jutsu is such legendary), obviously, but still good ones. I don't quite mind the denials and repeatedly skip aside her problems (it's quite close to home actually, so I kinda irritated), but about she keep information. I don't mean about big and crucial information about her reincarnation or the Bad Peoples, but like about the creep-who-his-name-I-never-bother-to-remember and about the genins with strange chakra. That's little things, that not in direct of her "knowledge" should be voiced out. It kinda frustated me.
I can't wait for the next chapter!
11/12/2020 c11 noyellowcloud
i literally am so tired of her being ignorant towards these kinds of thingswell not ignorant but she doesn’t seem to think this type of info is of any importance worthy of sharing with others. even ensui said her instincts were good and after ignoring it the first few times.. uh? hello? why would you do it again?
10/20/2020 c20 3jingerr
OMG! I NEED THIS STORY TO CONTINUE! ITS ON PAR WITH Dreaming of sunshine by silver queen! I cant believe this story hasn't gotten out to the naruto fanfic world yet. It'll be just a matter of time I can feel it! Your book will Inspire others to want to write about YOUR version of the naruto world! I can see it now you'll have a naruto community dedicated to this book!
10/14/2020 c20 MarvelDweeb
ngl i was reading this more for the pairing than the story and I absolutely loved it. I just thought the pairing was so cute and the story is really nice too! gives the more realistic point of view where the MC strived to make themselves better and I thought that was amazing. Good luck with the rewrite, take care, and stay safe!
10/9/2020 c20 Piffthemagicdragon21
One of the best SI/OC fanfics I've ever read I hope for the rewrite and that not to to much is changed in regards to Nazoko's relationship's or things like keeping Sakumo and Okami alive because Kakashi deserves that happiness but I'll go ahead and say that if the rewrite doesn't happen then I'll take the wrap up.
10/6/2020 c20 Guest
This was soooo goood! I so love this story!

Sometimes, in all other fics, there were too many deaths, I love that this is completely different. It may have less deaths but its still awesome, Nezoko is still pushing to be better, and she's living her life!

I am in love with it! And looking forward to how awesome she'll become
9/25/2020 c1 6For Valhalla
I love this story. it's very well written. thank you for posting it.
9/25/2020 c20 Shuuran
Hi just pass to say thank you for writing this story. I can feel the story inspired by deja no Jutsu and I mostly feel the same way when you said it's difficult to believe that nazoko told about being reborn and Minato believe without proof.

The only thing that makes me cringe is kishi timeline so many plotholes.
if I read correctly nazoko is a year younger than Minato si I can give a rough timeline

Nazoko 8Y Minato 9Y
2nd Shinobi World Post War
Densetsu no Sannin 23Y (Probably Sakumo and Dan too)
Death of Senju Nawaki 12Y (he's same age as Mikoto when you. look at theirs graduation number)
Jiraiya came back when he received the news of his death
If you saves Nawaki you will have the butterfly effect that Jiraiya won't came back to takes Minato Genin Team.
Somewhere this year or the year before Kushina came to Konoha and transfers to Minato Class

Asuma is born
Shizune is born
Rin is born (Rin is the oldest in Minato team because the school calendar is like in Japan by logic do began in March and finish the next year in February so Rin is older than obito by few months)

Nazoko 9Y Minato 10Y
2nd Shinobi World War begin (because kishi said the wars has 20 years between like us and Hashirama remember Tsunade as a Toddler so probably he died when she was 3Y and Tobirama died the next year as a shortest reign. Hiruzen became the third when she was 5Y and takes Sannin team when they graduate at 6Y)
Obito is born
Minato graduation
Shizune's Mother, Dan sister death this year or the next
Sakumo killed Sasori parents. 5Y

Nazoko 10Y Minato 11Y
Kushina Tsume graduation. they are in the same class (graduation number)
Tsunade creates new regulations for a medic nin by team. Refused by Hokage. Meet Dan and the two fall in love this year or the next.

Nazoko 11Y Minato 12Y
Kushina Kidnapping by kumo
Minato became Chunin by logic

Nazoko 12Y Minato 13Y
Densetsu no Sannin Vs Hanzo
End of the war (because if not Jiraiya is a deserter)
Jiraiya takes Ame Orphans 7Y-8Y
After War Tsunade Orochimaru Witness Dan Death. Tsunade became afraid of blood

the birth of Kakashi is a headache depend if you want to put him the same age as Obito or years younger the next timeline for the third war will change.

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