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14h c2 1comrade-elmo1
Archer is probably screaming in his head 'fuck fuck he's gonna become me I don't want younger me to become me!'. lol Saber is angry
16h c1 comrade-elmo1
lmao. it seems you are a man of culture being a Saber and Shirou shipper.
5/25 c2 Guest
This is an excellent story but some of sabers dialogue seems to be backwards or missing words. Kind of breaks the feel of the story.
5/20 c1 3Meito Uchiha
I love this fic. I watched Fate and UBW and I hated how Shirou gets kicked around. He isn't overpowered like other fics I found, a perfect balance.
5/13 c20 PRSR-GohanSuperSaiyajinNivel2
That's the second time I read that story.

And it's exactly after I finished the chapter twenty. A should have left a review sooner but, I believe it's better when the inspiration comes spontaneously, so here I go.

I can't exactly describe how your story made me happy, friend. Because it was really heartbreak when I first saw Stay/ Night (but I think this is TYPE-MOON style, it was the same with Tsukihime) I were really hoping that Shirou and Arturia would end up together.

And seeing this here, also in the "Apocrypha" storyline, it was really a boom, I loved their relationship further in the story, as a married couple, as well as Shirou's growth. That was indeed one of the things I liked the most, how Shirou is a better character here.

So, I simply have enough words to thank you, friend.

Thank you, thank you very much.
4/22 c1 zeek17
I know that I'm quite late and my comment won't affect anything, but I'll leave it here regardless.
I know that F/SN anime is great, and action scenes are simply awesomeness incarnated. But it has its flawssome small details that don't have much impact on story can be left out. But small details they may be, they still have big impact on character development. Thus, is you haven't already, I really suggest you to play visual novelthoroughly.
Take that fire, for example. Shirou never wanted to save anyone during it, all he wanted is to survive, to save himself. Thus, he walked. And when his emotions started to drag him down, telling him he can't survive, he discarded them just to walk some more. Same with memories, and everything that made him him, until there was nothing more to give away. And that's when Kiritsugu finds him.
And Shirou tried to save everyone not because of guilt, not to repay the world for being savedhe doesn't have any emotional connection to the fire, because when Kiritsugu found him he already have away everything and was empty shell. And when he was a shell, Kiritsugu's relieved smile at managing to save at least someonethat smile was first thing he saw and it became a core, around which his new personality was built. He's not trying to save anyone out of guilt or obligation; he just don't understand how could you NOT try to save someone.
Same with magecraft. Kiritsugu never wanted Shirou to became magus and didn't taught him anything. He didn't even checked his magic circuits, and as far he knew Shirou was regular child. It's only after much unquenchable persistence on Shirou's part he taught him Reinforcement and Structural Analyses and creating temporal makeshift magic circuit out of his nervesprocedure highly dangerous and highly painful. And that's it, not even formalcraftsomething you can do even being completely "muggle".
4/17 c20 Ezezee
Aw shucks that was nice
3/26 c2 RandoFox
I don't know if its because of the way im reading it or if its your writing but the dialogue seems rather stilted and awkward, hopefully it gets better.
2/12 c11 11Gamera68
Aw, now she wants to have a baby. How cute.
2/12 c10 Gamera68
And they lived happily ever after.

The End.
Or is it?
I for one liked the happy ending here.

Both Artoria and Shirou deserved to be happy after everything they suffered in their early lives. They both needed it and yet, Fate/stay night had her disappear after she had admitted that she loved him.
Now I can't wait to see what's in store for the main ship.
2/11 c7 Gamera68
If only that training session was animated.

Sadly, it was not in any iteration of the Fate series.

And poor Rin. Her morning sleep was ruined. Ha!
2/11 c6 Gamera68
Another really good chapter.
I'm glad that they defeated Hercules, together as a team.

And then Artoria's heart went doki doki after that. :)
2/11 c5 Gamera68
Can I just say that I LOVED the date between these two,
Saber's love of food was her ultimate defeat? Downfall? No-win situation?
She also like lilies. (Saber Lily, anyone?)
And she also like tigers. Now I can see her holding a stuffed tiger.

*faints from cuteness overload*
2/11 c4 Gamera68
Another good chapter and I loved the 'accidentally see the girl you love naked after her bath' scene being a little different than in the anime (both versions).

I'm really enjoying this alternate take on Fate/stay night (UBW)
2/11 c3 Gamera68
Another good chapter and I for one am glad to see subtle changes from canon.
It's not always easy to keep it different, but you've done well so far.
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