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8/7 c4 animagirl127lover
I can’t waiiit. I love the flow of the story.
8/7 c4 4bookgirl18
This is a great story! Thanks for writing it. I am eager to read more.
7/25 c2 25AnimeandFanficLover
I can compare Yona/Hak to a couple of other anime pairings to show what I mean if you take their relationship to the extreme. Their shadow archetypes I would say.

1.) Yuki/Yuno.
- If Hak was a yandere.
- If Yona continued being a helpless, selfish princess that lets Hak do all the dirty work.
- If Hak kept having the mindset of "protecting" Yona in order to- subconsciously- bend her to his will. WHICH makes the question of... Is she a human being to him? Or merely an artifact or some celestial being that must be protected and worshipped?

2.) Sasuke/Sakura.
- You can't deny that- when it comes to Yona, Hak is kind of a doormat. This is if Hak took his doormat-icy to the nth degree.
- If Yona still remained her shallow, selfish, myopic self.

At the end of the day, Yona/Hak is a good, but very flawed pairing.
7/25 c1 AnimeandFanficLover
I forgot to add this. The point is... When it comes to Yona, Hak is VERY narrow-minded. That's his biggest flaw.
7/25 c4 AnimeandFanficLover
Good chapter so far! You kinda liked Lito's interactions with Yona. I mean, it was already implied in the anime that NO ONE in the castle liked Yona, except her father, Soo-Won, and Hak, but glad you shown it- and I hope you expand and show how much Yona is despised by people in the castle. Since she's in disguise now, you can probably have her overhear court ladies and soldiers talking crap about her and father behind their backs.

But can Yona expect though? It's been shown that before Yona has NEVER said one 'please' or 'thank you' in her entire life. Even when she met Yun for the first time, she practically demanded that he help her with the mindset of "I'm the princess! You HAVE to help me! It's your job, and my life and safety comes first before anything else!"

When she lived in the castle, she treated Hak as no more than a slave. I am a Yona/Hak fan, but I won't say there wasn't time I questioned the pairing. I''m glad their relationship became SIGNIFICANTLY after they were kicked out the castle. That was probably the best thing that happened to them because their relationship would NOT have improved otherwise. Every time I remember the fact that Hak has been in love Yona since childhood, I find myself questioning why. Why does he love her? Because she's a princess? Because she's pretty and rich? It's never explained he has loved her in the past. Don't get be wrong. I can totally understand why Hak would fall in love with Yona as they travel the country. Because of her strong, passionate, and plucky personality. By did he love her when she was nothing but a spoiled, selfish, and stuck-up princess? If the Yona/Hak relationship didn't improve as it did, I could have conclude as a kinda toxic, romantic relationship. I mean, "Dude, Hak, I know you love Yona, but you ever get in a romantic relationship with her, you need to set some ground rules- otherwise- it's not true relationship." I also read a few OC stories, I can't help to think they (and the author's) make a very GOOD arguments about the Yona/Hak relationship. Don't get the wrong idea. I believe they like Yona/Hak, but you have to admit they are NOT the perfect couple. Here are a couple of flaws I found in their relationship, thanks to other people's insights.

1.) Hak is so Yona-focused that he doesn't realize not everyone is like that, and shouldn't be forced to. Yeah, he is selfless towards Yona, but that's a double-edge sword. What I mean is that Hak is so selfless that it becomes selfish in other ways. I guess, Hak prioritizes Yona so much that neglects other people's feelings. "C'mon, Hak. I know you love Yona, but don't force your Yona-worship on other people." When it comes to Yona, Hak is both selfless and selfish. He's selfless towards Yona, but selfish towards everyone else. As long as something ensures Yona's happiness, he couldn't give one fuck about how other's feels.

2.) Hak is also part of the reason- besides her father- Yona is spoiled because he LITERALLY lets her do whatever she wants. And anyone who opposes her is "evil" in his eyes. Yeah, I get that she's a princess, but sometimes- for a princess- there are just things that could go too far. Also makes me question if Hak was really in love with Yona, or merely in love with the idea of her? The idea of her being some helpless damsel in distress that he could day rescue, swoop her off her feet, and woo her. An author speculated this was the reason why he became her bodyguard and why he's so reluctant to teach her weaponry (apart from King Il's orders), so that he could become her champion and have her- the weak and helpless princess- become overly reliant on him and fall in love with him.

3.) Again, Yona treats has nothing more than a slave. Okay, I guess she does treat him decently better than a slave, but she STILL treats him as lesser than herself, her father, Soo-Won. I've been noticing Hak almost becomes seems like a third-wheel when the three of them are together. Time and time again, Yona has shown no concern for Hak whatsoever when they used to live in the castle. Which makes me wonder, why does Hak love her again?

Again, I like Yona/Hak, but it isn't the type of relationship I would turn to for a GOOD romantic relationship. They may be in love with each other, but they still treat each other as master and slave (unless people think slavery is romantic). Not of equal partnership. Which- in the most cases- would be breakup/divorce waiting to happen down the line, if this wasn't (you know) anime. There is more to a romantic relationship than just love. Lots of things. But this review is too long.

Now that I really think about it there are just as many bad points to Yona/Hak as there good points. Or possibly more bad points. But I digress. This is not me hating Yona/Hak. Again, I really like the pairing. It's just that many people and their stories got me thinking of how truly flawed the Yona/Hak relationship is. Especially with them portraying main characters- even if they are OCs- outside the Yona-worshipping lens (like you did).

Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter!
7/4 c3 Deathxparade
I’m cheering so loud when Yona has the urge to use the weapons! Like ahhh! And then her attitude changing fukkkk. I really like how Hak handle the situation lol, not telling her dad, but when he saw the arrow, I was like , yaasss that’s Yona yaaass she’s a warrior
7/3 c5 AnimeandFanficLover
You know, you can just put these author's notes at the end of the chapter instead of posting them as a new one.

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