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8/19/2020 c5 MikanYuzu
This was a beautiful chapter. Exactly what I pictured would happen the first time Naruto returns from a mission to find his place full of light and warmth and yummy food smells (until it burns due to distractions lol)...when he realises he now has a home with Hinata.

The ending was so cute!
8/19/2020 c4 MikanYuzu
Lol Hinata really should have known better than to trust Hanabi. It's always nice seeing them having a good relationship and Hanabi is just so cheeky.
8/19/2020 c3 MikanYuzu
This was such a sweet and touching (heh) chapter.
8/19/2020 c2 MikanYuzu
Always wonderful to see a strong Hinata. Someone kind, but to those who deserve it.
8/19/2020 c1 MikanYuzu
Definitely agree that Hinata seems to bring out a calmer side to Naruto. He doesn't have to be loud with her because he's always got her attention.
7/18/2020 c5 lala1224
Precious. All of this is absolutely precious
7/15/2020 c5 4camilaflordeloto
I loved it! I don't even know what else to say. I'm glad I read this fic!
7/4/2020 c5 anniepi314159
I loved this! And you made me cry. So, good job. True art makes you feel something. Thank you. :)
6/18/2020 c5 Jormungandr1994
This was really good. I love how you captured all that hidden hurt we never really saw.
6/18/2020 c1 1FeelsBadMann
The phrase “it's just a game” is such a weak mindset. You are ok with what happened, losing, imperfection of a craft. When you stop getting angry after losing, you've lost twice. There's always something to learn, and always room for improvement, never settle.
6/16/2020 c5 101ForgetMeNot09
The "Welcome back" part is very emotional. I'm crying T_T

Thanks for the great story 3
6/16/2020 c4 ForgetMeNot09
Err no lemon? *Grin
6/16/2020 c3 ForgetMeNot09
You know what? I'm in love with your description about NaruHina interactions here
6/16/2020 c2 ForgetMeNot09
I just went straight to the next chap, forgot to give comments

Really the three girls are evil XD
6/16/2020 c5 Guest
Good story. I liked how in character everyone was. Hanabi was really fun to read about; I really like her in the Last movie and Boruto anime and it's good to see her having a prominent role in this story. I hope you'll write more Naruhina soon.
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