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for Dear Tuney

10/5/2021 c2 Anonymous
Oh my god! Please update? I love it. I'll keep a lookout for any updates. Keep writing!
12/2/2020 c2 Guest
Love slutty james and lily! They're so in love here, you wrote them perfect
12/1/2020 c2 Guest
Oh my god, this was so damn sexy! The cherry on top however has to be Sirius at the end. I cannot believe how hot this was.
11/13/2020 c1 Sebbyyyyy
It was really good !
Please update ! Can’t wait to know what happens next !
11/4/2020 c2 13scriibble
I love that you felt weird about writing smut for the first time, because you had nothing to worry about. You CRUSHED it. I would have thought you'd been writing smut for ages-which is a compliment, of course, although a strange one. :) It's so good.

I absolutely love Lily and James' chemistry juxtaposed with the horrors of the party, and I love their constant flirtatious banter the whole time. This is seriously so well-written and sexy and charming and humorous and you strike such a good balance between all those things.
10/23/2020 c1 Guest
This has to be the best jily smut I’ve ever read and it’s basically just been foreplay at this point. The power u hold scares me and amazes me
10/21/2020 c2 Guest
So great ! Can't wait for next chapter!
7/3/2020 c1 liz
hi, that was absolutely superb, heaven knows I would love to speak my mind like that to all idiots Ive come across, please keep up the excellent work :)

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