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for The Hunting Dog Fluffy Tails

2/27 c13 12ROCuevas
This was good.
2/27 c13 3Goku275
OUTSTANDING work as always! :)
11/23/2020 c12 Goku275
Short yet pretty good. Keep up the AWESOME work. :)
11/23/2020 c12 12ROCuevas
Quite good work.
10/2/2020 c11 ROCuevas
Quite well.
10/1/2020 c11 3Goku275
Another AWESOME chapter. Keep up the GREAT work! :)
9/12/2020 c10 Goku275
AWESOME work as always! Keep it up. :)
9/12/2020 c10 12ROCuevas
Quite a good chapter.
9/12/2020 c10 2Mrgamerandwatcher
Thanks for uploading on my birthday
8/8/2020 c9 12ROCuevas
Quite well written.
8/6/2020 c9 3Goku275
AWESOME work as always! AND I am loving the chapters with Melascula and Rear. I’m hoping that there will be more chapters with her. Keep up the great work! :)
8/5/2020 c8 12ROCuevas
Good work.
7/27/2020 c7 ROCuevas
Really good job
7/27/2020 c7 3Goku275
Another GREAT chapter as always! Keep up the AWESOME work! :)
7/25/2020 c6 12ROCuevas
Quite well done.
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